Amazon’s Alexa can now give you information about your specific TV Provider

Amazon has added a new option to the Alexa app that allows you to select your specific TV provider. Doing so enables Alexa to answer questions about your TV service. Questions about TV shows or networks will include times and channels that are available on your specific TV provider. Read more ›

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Fire TV update adds new hidden Network Proxy settings

The biggest new feature brought on by the new software update, that rolled out to the Amazon Fire TV 3 earlier this month, is the highly requested ability to match the device’s refresh rate to the content’s frame rate. That’s not the only new feature because the update has also added the ability to configure the device to use a Network Proxy. The new options are located in the Fire TV’s hidden developer menu. Read more ›

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Alexa’s new ‘Answer Updates’ feature will notify you when it learns your answer

Amazon is rolling out a new Alexa feature called “Answer Update” that will notify you when the voice assistant learns the answer to a question you’ve asked which it was unable to answer at the time. The feature was first spotted by Voicebot and later confirmed by Amazon to TechCrunch. If you ask Alexa a question it can’t answer, there’s a chance it will ask if you’d like to turn on the new Answer Update feature. Alternatively, you can say “Alexa, turn on Answer Update” to turn the feature on immediately, assuming it has already rolled out to your devices. Alexa should respond by saying “Okay, if you ask me a question and I don’t know the answer, but I find out later I’ll notify you.” You can turn off the feature at any point by saying “Alexa, turn off Answer Update.”

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Explanation of the new Frame Rate Matching feature on the Amazon Fire TV and how it works

Software update version to the Amazon Fire TV has added the ability to configure the media player so that it adjusts your TVs refresh rate to match the frame rate of the video content being played. This is a feature that home theater enthusiasts have been wanting for a long time because it eliminates video judder and results in a perfectly smooth one-to-one correlation between the frames of a video and the frames being shown on the TV. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Show’s new ‘Tap to Alexa’ accessibility feature is handy enough for anyone to use

Amazon has added a new accessibility feature to the Echo Show called “Tap to Alexa.” It’s meant to give people who are unable to interact with Alexa by voice, such as people with a speech impairment, a way to access most of the Echo Show’s features by using the touchscreen. It works by displaying a grid of customizable icons that execute Alexa tasks when tapped. While it’s meant to be used by impaired individuals, it’s actually hand enough that anyone might find it useful. Read more ›

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Amazon appears to be testing a new ‘Brief Mode’ which reduces Alexa’s superfluous verbal responses

It seems as though Amazon is trying out a new “Brief Mode” for Alexa. The new mode results in Alexa talking less by replacing some of Alexa’s verbal confirmations with beeps. Instead of replying “Okay” after being asked to change the state of a smart home device, with Brief Mode enabled, Alexa performs the requested action and responds with a confirmation chime. Read more ›

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Amazon Alexa’s new ‘Follow-Up’ mode lets you string together multiple requests

Amazon has added a new feature to Alexa called Follow-up Mode that makes it easier to make multiple back-to-back requests. With follow-up mode enabled, Alexa will continue listening for additional commands after completing a request so that you don’t have to repeatedly say the wake word before each request. Read more ›

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Alexa can now send SMS text messages if you use an Android phone

Alexa’s calling and messaging capabilities just gained a new feature if you use an Android phone. You can now use Alexa through any Echo device to send standard SMS text messages without ever picking up your phone. The messages are sent through your phone’s SMS app, so the recipient doesn’t need to have the Alexa app or do anything special to receive the messages. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV now supports Single Sign-On in TV Everywhere apps for pay TV customers

Amazon has added a new single sign-on feature to all Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Edition televisions through the latest software update, which began rolling out last week. The new feature allows customers to login once with their pay TV provider and be automatically logged into all network apps that support single sign-on. This eliminates the need to tediously activate each app individually. Read more ›

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Alexa devices will soon be able to control playback and launch apps on the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has just updated their Fire TV Software Updates page with a new feature listing that states compatible Alexa devices can now control video playback on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Additionally, you’ll be able to use compatible Alexa devices to launch Fire TV apps. The feature is not yet functional, but it should be available soon. Read more ›

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