NVIDIA Shield TV is on sale for $130.60 at Amazon [Expired]

Amazon currently has the NVIDIA Shield TV on sale for $130.60. The price is a bit strange because the Shield TV is on sale for $139.00, but there is also a 5% off coupon on the page. When you “clip” the coupon, you’ll see the final $130.60 price during checkout. Thanks to that extra coupon, this is among the lowest prices that the Shield TV has ever been. This is a lightening deal, so it will end some time later today.

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Logitech Home Theater Keyboard w/ Trackpad is on sale for $17.98 — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

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The Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard is on sale for $17.98. This matches the lowest price that it has ever been. Many, including myself, consider this to be the best bang-for-your-buck keyboard for use with your home theater setup. It’s comfortable to use, has a built-in trackpad, and can replicate all the functionality of the Fire TV Remote, apart from voice searches. This is a wireless keyboard, but it does require you to use an included USB dongle. That means for devices like the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 2, Fire TV 3, and Fire TV Cube, you will need an OTG cable to use this keyboard. This sale ends tonight at midnight.

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Target is taking 15% off of Amazon’s Black Friday prices on Fire TVs, Echos, Fire Tablets, and more! [Expired]

Target just kicked off their Cyber Monday sale and are taking 15% off of everything on their site. This includes all of Amazon’s hardware which is mostly still matching Amazon’s own Black Friday prices. This means items like the Fire TV Stick 4K are only $29.74. If you have a Target REDcard, that takes an additional 5% off, making the Fire TV Stick 4K just $28.25. Better yet, Target is matching many of Amazon’s multi-pack deals, so the Fire TV Stick 4K 2-Pack is just $50.98 or $48.43 with a REDcard. See the full list of the best deals on Fire TVs, Echos, Tablets, Shield TV, Rokus, Chromecasts, HDHomeRuns, Sideclicks, and much more. These items will absolutely sell out online, so place your order immediately. Read more ›

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Channels app for Fire TV is on sale for $14.99 – New Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

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The Channels app is on sale for $14.99. This is the lowest price that this app has ever been, which is a discount of $10 off the regular price of $24.99. It might seem like a lot to spend on an app, but this app provides a service that most other companies charge a subscription fee to provide. The Channels app gives you arguably the best interface for accessing the live OTA channels from an HDHomeRun network tuner. If you don’t care about recording content, which is a big aspect of the Fire TV Recast, and just want to access your free live broadcast channels on your Fire TV, an HDHomeRun and the Channels app is the way to go. The 2-tuner HDHomeRun is on sale for $69.00 right now, down from $99.99, and the 4-tuner HDHomeRun is on sale for $99.99, down from $149.99. That means you can pay just $83.99 for both the base HDHomeRun and the Channels app to get OTA channels on your Fire TV with no subscription fees.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K 2-Pack is on sale for $59.99 — An extra $10 off the already reduced price! [Expired]

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Call it a late Black Friday deal or an early Cyber Monday deal, but Amazon isn’t done releasing new Fire TV sales. The latest deal being made available is a 2-pack of Fire TV Stick 4Ks for $59.99. Just add 2 to your cart and the extra discount will appear at checkout. As if one of the new streaming media players for $34.99 wasn’t a good enough price, this deal knocks an extra $10 off when you buy two, which makes each Fire TV Stick 4K only $29.99. If you already purchased one at $34.99 and want to add a second for just $25 more, I suggest placing an order for a second Fire TV Stick 4K for $34.99 and then contacting Amazon customer support to give you the $10 credit. You’ll want to place the order first because it’s easier for customer service to add credit to an existing order, than to modify a future order. Worst-case scenario, you just cancel the second order with a few clicks if they don’t offer to credit the difference. Still also available is a 2-Pack of Fire TV Sticks for $39.99.

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Amazon now has a Fire TV Stick 2-Pack on sale for $39.99 — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

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Amazon has just now put a Fire TV Stick 2-Pack on sale for $39.99. Compared to the regular price, that’s like buying one and getting one for free. Compared to the $24.99 sale for a single Fire TV Stick, this new deal brings the cost of each Stick down to $19.99, which matches their Prime Day price, which is the lowest price they have ever been. The extra savings will appear at checkout when you add two Fire TV Sticks to your cart. Amazon has is not, and likely will not, offer a similar deal for the Fire TV Stick 4K, so its current sale for $34.99 is very likely as good as we’ll see for the new model.

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Leelbox HD Antenna for OTA is on sale for $5.99 — Regular price is $27 [Expired]

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The Leelbox HD Antenna is on sale for just $5.99 using promo code SX4YDHW4 at checkout. I’ve never used this brand of antenna, but they seem to have decent enough reviews. If you’ve picked up a Fire TV Recast, which is on sale for $179.99 right now, you probably want to spend a bit more and get a better antenna than this, but this is likely sufficient to see what kind of channels you can get before going with a more expensive antenna. It’ll also serve as a good backup or alternative antenna, if you ever need one. The Leelbox antenna says it offers 60-80 miles of range and it comes with an amplifier to boost weaker signals that might otherwise be just out of range.

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Ecobee Room Sensor 2-Pack is on sale for $39.50 — That’s 50% Off [Expired]

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Those of you who got in on the Ecobee Smart Thermostat deal that I posted about earlier, or if you already own an Ecobee Thermostat, you might be interested in this deal on additional remote sensors. Best Buy currently has the Ecobee Remote Sensor 2-Pack on sale for $39.50. That is half off of the regular price of $79 for this bundle. These sensors allow you to monitor the temperature in rooms where the Ecobee thermostat is not located so that you can have the thermostat tailer the temperature for a specific room. The Ecobee 4, which is on sale now for $199, already comes with one room sensor, but the Ecobee 3, which is on sale for $139, does not come with any, even though it is compatible with the same sensors.

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Insignia 55″ Fire TV Edition television is $249.99 at Best Buy — $200 OFF! [Expired]

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Best Buy currently has the Insignia 55″ 4K Fire TV Edition television for $249.99. That is a fantastic price and is very likely the best Fire TV Edition television sake that we’ll see for Black Friday. Thi si $200 off the regular price and is way less than it has ever been inthe past. To put how good this price is into perspective, this is the same price as Amazon is selling the smaller 50″ version for their Black Friday sale. I’ve posted the full list of all of the currently live and upcoming Fire TV Edition deals HERE, but this one deserves its own dedicated post.

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Amazon Echo Dot 3-Pack is on sale for $69.97 — Black Friday Sale Now Live [Expired]

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Several of Amazon’s Black Friday Deals go live today and among the best of them is the Amazon Echo Dot 3-Pack for $69.97. This is for the all-new 3rd generation Echo Dot which sounds considerably better than the previous model. The Echo Dot will be going on sale individually on November 22nd for $24 each, but if you’re in the market for 3 of them, this deal saves you an extra $2 and gets you them a little early. Just add any combination of Black, Gray, or White colored Echo Dots to your cart and you’ll see the $80 discount automatically appear at checkout.

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