Last day to buy Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire Tablets on sale — Update: Sale extended another week

Amazon has had several of their Alexa devices and Fire Tablets on sale this week. That sale is expected to end tonight at midnight. If you still haven’t placed your orders, this is probably your last chance to get these products at a discount before Christmas. The Amazon Echo is $139.99, the Echo Dot is $39.99, and the Amazon Tap is $89.99. Those prices match Amazon’s Black Friday sale prices and are pretty good overall. Be sure to check Prime Now if you need something that is backordered to arrive by Christmas.

The 7″ Fire Tablet is $39.99, the Fire Kids Edition Tablet is $89.99, and the Fire HD 10 Tablet is $199.99. Those deals are not as good as the Echo deals, but they’re still pretty decent, especially considering the Fire HD 10 never went on sale during Black Friday. Check my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide to get a better feel of how these prices compare to past sales.


12/18/16 Amazon has extended the sale another week and has also added the Fire HD 8 for $69.99 to the sale.

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Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Tap on sale at Amazon — Same prices as Black Friday

Amazon has put their Alexa family of devices on sale for the same prices they had during Black Friday.
The Echo Dot is $39.99, which is as low as the Dot has ever been. The black version is currently backordered, so if you want that color, get your order in quick or check Prime Now to see if it’s available from there in your area. The full-sized Amazon Echo is $139.99, which is just $10 more than the lowest it has ever been. Again, check Prime Now’s listing for faster delivery. Lastly, the Amazon Tap is $89.99, which matches Amazon’s Black Friday price.

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Amazon Echo is $114.99 at best Buy with Visa Checkout


Best Buy currently has a promotion where you can get $25 off an order of $100 or more if you use Visa Checkout. Since Best Buy is still matching all of Amazon’s device deals, you can get an Amazon Echo for $114.99. Alternatively, you can get 3 Pack of Echo Dots for $94.97, which comes to just $31.66 a piece. The $25 discount is automatically applied when you select Visa Checkout as your payment method.

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Amazon Echo is $139.99 for Black Friday — Now Live!

Amazon’s Black Friday Sales are now live! The Amazon Echo is $139.99. This is the second lowest price the Echo has ever been. The lowest was when it was $10 less during Prime Day earlier this year. Be sure to check all the Black Friday deals on Amazon devices.

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Echo, Kindles, Fire Tablets and more refurbished Amazon device deals added to Black Friday Countdown


Amazon has added a bunch of their refurbished devices to their Black Friday Countdown deals page. The 1st-gen Fire TV for $49.99 and the 2nd-gen Fire TV for $64.99 are still available. The 1st-gen Fire TV Stick for $24.99 is back ordered, but also still available. Newly added is the Amazon Echo for $119.99, which matches the Prime Day price and is the lowest price it has ever been.

You can also now get the 5th-gen Fire HD 8 tablet for $44.99, which is the lowest price it has ever been. This is last year’s model that retailed for $149.99, but it’s actually more powerful than the new Fire HD 8 that came out a few months ago, which retails for $89.99. The larger Fire HD 10 for $159.99 is now also listed. That’s a savings of $70 over buying the Fire HD 10 new. Lastly, the Kindle Paperwhite is $79.99 and the Kindle Voyage is $119.99.

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Amazon Echo on sale for $140.39 for a limited time


The Amazon Echo has just gone on sale for $140.39 to celebrate its 2nd birthday. The lowest price the Echo has ever been was this past Prime Day, when it was available for $129.99. If you’ve been thinking of getting an Amazon Echo, but have been holding out to see if it goes on sale during Black Friday, you should absolutely buy one now instead of waitin, since it looks like the Echo will be $139.99 during Black Friday, which is just $0.40 less than this current sale.

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Amazon Echo and Echo Dot update with Echo Spatial Perception starts rolling out


The Amazon Echo and 1st-gen Echo Dot are starting to receive a new software update, version 4008, that adds the much anticipated Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) feature. ESP is the feature revealed when the Echo Dot 2 was announced, that allows several Echos and Echo Dots within listening range of each other to correctly identify which device is closest to the person interacting with them. This makes it so two devices don’t respond to the same voice request. Read more ›

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Free Amazon Echo with annual subscription to Princeton Review study course


Amazon and Princeton Review just started a new promotion where they’re giving away free Amazon Echos to those who sign up for a 12 month subscription to one of three qualifying Princeton Review study courses. The courses that qualify for the promotion are the Homework Help Basic Course for $399.99, the SAT Course for $499.99, and the ACT Course for $499.99. After signing up and paying the annual subscription price, you’ll receive an email a week later with a promo code to purchase an Amazon Echo for free. See the terms and conditions for more details.

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Amazon Echo on sale for $129.99 at Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, and others


The Amazon Echo is currently on sale for $129.99 at several retailers. Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond all have the Echo listed for the same sale price. You can save an additional $10 at best Buy if you use Visa Checkout. This price matches the Prime Day price and is just $5 more than the lowest price the Echo has ever been.

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Refurbished Amazon Echo is $119.99 and Refurbished Fire TV Stick w/ Voice Remote is $29.99


If you’re still on the fence about buying an Amazon Echo or Fire TV Stick today, perhaps an extra $5 to $10 savings will help you decide. As an alternative to the new devices that are on sale today, you can also get a Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo for $119.99 and a Certified Refurbished Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote for $29.99. That’s $10 and $5 less than their new counterparts, respectively. Here are other refurbished electronics, that are on sale today, for your consideration.

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