2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV is $174.99 at Best Buy w/ Visa Checkout

Best Buy is currently offering $25 off $100 orders if you use Visa Checkout when paying for your order. That means you can buy the brand new 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV for $174.99. This bundle includes both the new game controller and remote control. Considering the new Shield TV just came out today, this is a great deal for a new product. Unfortunately, Amazon Fire TV and Echo products are all excluded from the promotion. Just select Visa Checkout as your payment method and you’ll automatically receive the $25 discount.

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Amazon Digital Day Sale: $0.99 movie Rentals

As part of their Digital Day savings event, Amazon has 24 movies available to rent for $0.99. When you rent a movie, you have 30 days to start watching it and 48 hours to complete it once you’ve started. Read more ›

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Amazon Digital Day Sale: Fire TV related items

Amazon’s Digital Day sale, where they have put TV shows, movies, music, apps, mobile games, eBooks, and more on sale, is in full swing. Here is a roundup of all the subscriptions, in-app purchase, and app deals that are available on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Read more ›

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Watch ‘Bosch,’ ‘The Man In the High Castle,’ and ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ for free without needing a Prime membership

Until the end of the year, Amazon is allowing everyone to watch three of their most popular shows for free without the need of a Prime membership. The first seasons of Bosch, The Man In the High Castle, and Mozart in the Jungle can be streamed in their entirety until December 31st. If you don’t have a Prime membership and haven’t seen these shows, here’s your chance to binge watch them all for free before the year is out.

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Refurbished Fire TV 1 and Amazon Tap on sale on Woot

Woot currently has the refurbished 1st-gen Fire TV and the refurbished Amazon Tap on sale. The refurbished Fire TV 1 is $52.99, which is $3 more than the lowest price I’ve ever seen for it. If you’re looking for something a bit more powerful than the Fire TV Stick but don’t want to spend the money for the Fire TV 2, the Fire TV 1 is still a very capable device. Plus, it’s the only model that has an optical audio port, which many can’t live without. The refurbished Amazon Tap is $79.99, which is not that enticing of a price, considering the brand new Tap was on sale for just $10 more just a few days ago.

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App Deal: Three games by Big Fish Games are on sale for $0.99

Big Fish Games, the very popular mobile game publisher with hundreds of games under their belt, have put three of their Fire TV games on sale. Atlantis Sky Patrol and Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst are down from $1.99 to $0.99. Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder in the Rue Morgue Collector’s Edition is down from $2.99 to $0.99. The first two games are compatible with all Fire TV and Fire tV Stick models, while the Dark Tales game is only for 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV boxes.

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Amazon Echo Dot 2 blue/indigo fabric case on sale for $9.99 through Alex-exclusive deal

It looks like Amazon is continuing their Alexa-exclusive Deals beyond the holiday shopping season because they’ve just refreshed the lineup with a bunch of new deals. Among the new discounts is the Indigo Fabric Case for the Echo Dot 2 for $9.99. This is the first time any of the Dot’s new cases have been on sale. To receive the discount, just ask any Alexa-enabled device, include the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, to “order a blue Echo Dot case.” Only the blue fabric case is available at the discounted price.

There are also a few Dash Buttons, including Smartwater, Energizer, Greenies, Puffs, and NERF that can be purchased for $0.99 through Alexa. WIth these Dash Buttons, you’ll still receive a credit of $4.99 applied to your account the first time you use each button, for a net profit of $4 just for trying it once.

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App Deal: Prison Run and Gun down from $1.99 to $0.99

Prison Run and Gun has just gone on sale for $0.99. This is the first time this fairly new game has ever been on sale. This is a fast paced retro puzzle platformer. The game has 30 levels, unlockable weapons, and no in-app purchases to get in your way. It’s compatible with all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models, but it does require a game controller to play, which is currently still on sale for a great price.

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Amazon is giving new Music Unlimited subscribers a free $10 credit

Amazon just started a new promotion that gives new subscribers to Amazon Music Unlimited a free $10 credit to use towards the subscription cost. To receive the credit, click the “Add gift card or promotion code” button on the promotion’s page and enter the promo code AMAZONMUSIC. Then sign up for any of the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription options. After your 30-day free trial ends, you’ll have $10 worth of credit in your account that will be automatically applied to your subscription dues. If you’re a Prime member, the best bang for your buck option is the $79/yr plan. With the free $10 credit, that comes to just $5.75 per month, which is almost half what most other streaming music subscriptions cost.

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Amazon Video promotion lets you rent any one movie for $0.99

Amazon just started a new promotion that allows you to rent one movie for just $0.99, regardless of the regular rental cost. To get in on the deal just pick any movie out of the 49,000+ that qualify, and click the “More Purchase Options” link on the page. In the pop-up that appears, click the “Redeem a gift card or promotion code” link and enter the promo code MOVIE99. Then proceed to rent the movie and you’ll only be charged $0.99. The discounted price won’t appear on the movies listing or during checkout, but you can check you digital order history to verify that you were only charged $0.99. If you have digital credit for selecting no-rush shipping, which you can check here, the credit will automatically be used. Remember, once you rent a movie, you have 30 days to start watching it and 48 hours to finish once started.

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