Amazon Echos, Alexa, and Prime Music launch in Canada

About a week after adding Japan as the fifth country to receive Alexa and Echo devices, Amazon has now launched their voice assistant and smart speakers in Canada. In addition to Alexa and Echo devices, Amazon is also simultaneously launching Prime Music for all Canadian Prime members. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime Members will receive discounts on turkeys at Whole Foods

When Amazon acquired Whole Foods Market earlier this year, they immediately lowered prices on several common items to attract customers. Now they’re doing it again for common Thanksgiving groceries but are also giving Prime members a sneak peek at the kind of extra discounts they can expect in the future when Prime becomes the official rewards program of Whole Foods Market. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime membership is on sale for $79 if joined using Alexa — Plus $10 credit [Expired]

Another deal that is part of today’s voice theme for Amazon’s Prime Day Countdown Deals is a discount on Prime membership. If you sign up for Prime using an Alexa device, by saying “Alexa, sign me up for Prime,” the cost of your first year will be $79 instead of the usual $99. This is for new Prime subscribers. In addition to that, Amazon is still offering a $10 credit for streaming your first Prime Video, so that effectively makes your first year just $69.

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Amazon Prime Wardrobe lets you try on clothes for free before you buy

Amazon just announced a new service called Prime Wardrobe that lets you try on clothes before you buy them. Prime members can choose 3 or more items of clothing and Amazon will ship them to you free of charge. You then have 7 days to decide what you want to keep and ship back the clothing you don’t want with the included resealable box and return label. You can even schedule a UPS pickup and it’s all at no charge. All you pay for are the clothing items you decide to keep, and to encourage loading up your Prime Wardrobe order, Amazon is offering a 10% discount on the items you keep if you keep 3 or 4 clothing items. If you keep 5 or more, you’ll get a 20% discount on the entire order. Prime Wardrobe is currently in beta, but you can sign up to be notified when the service publicly launches.

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Amazon to host series of live concerts exclusively for Prime members

Amazon’s list of Prime benefits has been steadily expanding over time, and they’ve just added one more item. The company will start its own series of live music concerts with tickets available exclusively to Prime members. The venues will be small and intimate, and the shows will be recorded and made available through Prime Video. Read more ›

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Non-US residents can now sign up for Amazon Prime in the US and stream Amazon Originals


Amazon is currently working on an upcoming global expansion of Prime Video, which at the very least will bring The Grand Tour to 200 countries in December, but it looks like some of those changes have already gone into effect. It appears that customers not living in the US can now sign up for Amazon Prime through without any of the warnings and restirctions that were previously present. These non-US customers can use their actual non-US addresses and credit cards without any issues. Once signed up, non-US residents can then stream Amazon’s original shows without any geographic restrictions, and without needing DNS/VPN masking services. There is confirmation of this working with Canadian residents and Australian residents, but it likely works with other countries as well, if not globally. Read more ›

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Amazon explores adding premium live sports to Prime Video membership


Amazon has reportedly been in talks with the NBA, the NFL, MLB, and some smaller leauges for the rights to stream live games, according to The Wall Street Journal. They’ve specifically discussed creating a sports package with the NBA, which could possibly be teamed up with a “skinny bundle” of other live channels. Other leagues they’ve been in talks with include the World Surf League, Indian Premier Cricket League, Liga MX, and the Kontinental Hockey League. Amazon has been building out their live streaming capabilities recently, with their own live fashion show and live Showtime and Starz through Prime Video, so it sounds like more live programming is likely in the near future.

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Amazon Prime membership is on sale for $79 today only [Expired]


To celebrate the premiere of their new motoring show The Grand Tour, Amazon has discounted the price of Amazon Prime membership to $79 today only. It’s very rare for Prime membership to be discounted, so if you’ve been considering joining and getting in on the numerous benefits, here is your chance to save $20 on your first year. The fee will go back to its regular price of $99 tonight at midnight PT.

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Amazon Prime membership in the US will be $79 this Friday November 18 [Expired]

Similar to the deal going on in the UK, Amazon will be offering Prime Membership at a discount in the US to celebrate the premiere of The Grand Tour. New members will be able to get their first year of Prime for $79 this Friday November 18th. This deal isn’t quite as good as past Prime membership sales, but a discount on Prime membership comes around so rarely that you should take advantage of this one if you’ve been considering joining. The sale will last all day on the 18th, starting at 12:00am ET and ending at 11:59pm PT.

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Amazon Prime in the UK discounted to £59 for ‘The Grand Tour’ premiere [Expired]


Amazon has dropped the price of Prime membership to £59 in the UK in anticipation of the premiere of their new motoring show The Grand Tour. The first episode of the new series will debut on November 18th, which is also when the discounted Prime membership promotion ends. Amazon Prime membership is hardly ever discounted, so if you’re in the UK and have been considering joining Prime, here is your rare chance to save £20 off the £79 regular price.

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Amazon Fresh grocery delivery is now cheaper for Prime members


Amazon has just reduced the price of Amazon Fresh for Prime members. The food delivery service, which used to cost $299 annually regardless of your Prime status, now costs $14.99 if you’re a Prime subscriber. That’s a savings of almost $120 compared to the old price. The switch from a single flat annual fee to a monthly fee is also nice because it makes the service a lot easier to try for a month or two before committing to an entire year.

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Amazon Prime members can now read over a thousand books, magazines, and comics for free through Prime Reading


Amazon has added yet another benefit for Prime members called Prime Reading which gives customers unlimited access to over one thousand books, magazines, comics, and more at no additional cost. The current selection of available Prime Reading books include popular titles like The Butterfly Garden, The Body Reader, My Sister’s Grave, The Man in the High Castle, An Innocent Client, The Atlantis Gene, and over 1,000 more. Reading any included title works exactly the same way as purchased ebooks and can be done through Kindles, Fire tablets, and the Kindle app for iOS and Android. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime members now get ad-free Twitch streaming, free games, and more


Amazon has announced that Prime members will now be able to watch Twitch, the world’s biggest livestreaming platform that’s popular with gamers, without ads, which normally costs $8.99 per month. The new perk is called Twitch Prime and comes with a few additional extras. Prime members also get free digital games, starting with Streamline, as well as free “game loot” like skins, characters, and boosts within games. Other perks include exclusive deals on new game releases. If you’re already a Prime member, all you have to do is link your Amazon and Twitch accounts together by clicking the link at the bottom-right of this page.

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Amazon Prime membership will likely be discounted to $68 this Friday


Amazon has fallen into the habit of discounting the price of Prime membership to celebrate award show wins. They dropped the price of Prime to $72 after winning at the 72nd Golden Globes, to $67 after winning at the 67th Emmys, and to $73 after winning at the 73rd Golden Globes. Amazon just won 6 Emmy awards at the 68th Emmys, so there’s a good chance they’ll be discouting Prime membership to $68 very soon.

The sale usually happens the Friday that follows the award show and lasts only one day. So if you’ve been thinking of signing up for Prime, or giving a year of Prime membership as a gift to someone, mark your calendar and wait until this Friday. These award show discounts are usually the only time the price of Prime membership is ever reduced.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look Amazon is going to be discounting Prime membership this year to celebrate their Emmy wins. Sorry if you got your hopes up for nothing. Prime was discounted for the last 3 award show wins, but it looks like history doesn’t always repeat itself.

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Amazon Prime members now get exclusive Audible content for free


Amazon has just added Audible Channels, a subscription service that normally costs $4.95 a month, as the latest benefit that Prime Members get for free. Audible Channels is an audio collection of original programs, comedies, lectures, news, and articles that is consistently refreshed. The new Prime benefit also includes a rotating selection of more than 50 premium audiobooks that you can listen to for free. The audiobooks are arranged in categories like movies, which currently includes The Silver Linings Playbook and Slumdog Millionaire, or self-improvement books, like No Excuses! and Stitches, and many more categories. There is way too much content included with this new Prime benefit to list here. Once you install the Audible app, from Google Play or the Apple Appstore, you’ll be able to login with your Prime account and browse the complete collection of free content.

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Amazon Prime launched in India with Prime Video coming soon


Amazon just launched their Prime service in India, making it the 8th country where Amazon Prime is available. The service will normally cost ₹ 999 (about $15) a year, but is currently being discounted at a special introductory price of ₹ 499 (about $7.50) a year. New members will receive a 60-day free trial, double the 30-day trial offered in most countries where Prime is available. Prime membership offers free one-day and two-day delivery, which normally costs ₹ 80-100 (about $1.20-$1.50), to over a hundred cities in India. Members in some areas, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, will also receive discounted same-day delivery. To sweeten the deal, Prime members in India will also receive 30-minute early access to lightning deals and other member-only exclusives. Amazon also says Prime Video will be coming to India soon.

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A dozen new HBO/Cinemax TV show seasons arrive on Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime members are continuing to reap the benefits of a 2 year old deal Amazon struck with HBO which has brought a slew of great content to Prime Video. Today, twelve new seasons of HBO and Cinemax TV shows have become available to Prime members. The new shows that are now available to stream are Angry Boys, Empire Falls, Hunted, Life’s Too Short, Lucky Louie, Mr. Show With Bob and David, Tell Me You Love Me, and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. New seasons of existing shows are season 2 of Banshee, season 4 of Boardwalk Empire, season 3 of Strike Back, and season 6 of True Blood.

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Last day for UK customers to get Amazon Prime on sale for £59 [Expired]


Today is the last day for UK residents to sign up for Amazon Prime at the discounted price of £59. At midnight tonight, the price returns to £79. It’s rare for Amazon to discount Prime membership, so now is a good time to join if you’ve been considering it.

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Sprint now includes a year of Amazon Prime with their top tier plan


Sprint entered new territory earlier this year when they began offering their customers Amazon Prime membership for $10.99 per month. We didn’t know it at the time, but the Sprint offer foreshadowed Amazon offering monthly Prime membership themselves, which was announced a few weeks later. Now Sprint has added another option for bundling Amazon Prime membership with their cellular data plans. New customers who sign up for Sprint’s “Better Choice XXL” plan now receive a full year of Prime membership. The XXL plan is Sprint’s top tier plan which offers unlimited voice calls, unlimited text messaging, and 40 GB of 4G data for $100 per month. Once you’ve churned through your data allotment, you can opt for unlimited 2G data or pay $15 for each additional 1 GB of 4G data consumed. I doubt this new Amazon Prime membership bundle from Sprint is foreshadowing anything, but it could be the start of a trend where Prime membership appears more often as a free add-on to other services.


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Amazon Prime membership in the UK is on sale for £59 [Expired]


To celebrate The Grand Tour, Amazon’s new motoring show with the former Top Gear trio, residents of the UK can sign up for Amazon Prime for £59. That’s £20 off the regular price of £79. The promotion ends at midnight on May 16th and is only available to new Prime members. It’s very rare for Prime membership to be discounted, so if you’ve been thinking of joining, now is a great time.

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