Amazon Go cashier-less stores will be opening in Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon Go cashier-less stores will be opening in Chicago and San Fransisco, according to a report from The Seattle Times, which was later confirmed by an Amazon representative. The the first automated store, which uses cameras and sensors to automatically charge customers for items they leave with, opened late last year in Seattle. It was initially only open to Amazon employees, but then opened to the general public a couple of months later. The Chicago location appears to be near 203 N. LaSalle Street and the San Fransisco location is unknown.

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Amazon’s no-checkout convenience store opens to the public today

Amazon Go, the new convenience store without any checkout lines, opens to the public on January 22nd. Shoppers can literally walk in, pickup anything they want, and walk out without ever stopping to pay. All you need to do is scan your phone once as you enter, using the Amazon Go app for iOS or Android, and an elaborate network of cameras and sensors will track what you take and automatically charge your Amazon account. Read more ›

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Amazon launches convenience store without checkout lines


Amazon has unveiled Amazon Go, a convenience store without cashiers or checkout lines. The physical store literally allows shoppers to pick items off the shelf and walk right out the door without stopping to pay. It uses computer vision technology, similar to the type used in self driving cars, to detect which items you’ve picked up and then automatically charges your Amazon account for them once you walk out. There is currently only one store open in Seattle, but the WSJ reports that Amazon plans to open over 2,000 stores across the US.

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