2nd-Gen Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions will launch with Fire OS 6

Amazon’s developer blog has noted that the new Fire TV Edition televisions set to launch this summer will indeed run Fire OS 6, the latest version of Amazon’s Fire TV operating system, which is currently only available on the 3rd generation Amazon Fire TV. This was probably to be expected, but it’s still good to see confirmation. A concern many smart TV buyers have is that the television hardware will outlast the manufacturer’s willingness to update its software. For this reason, it’s important for a smart TV to at least launch with the latest operating system version available to it. Launching with the latest version of Fire OS is an important indicator that the Amazon treats Fire TV Edition televisions as equal citizens in the Fire TV lineup.

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Best Buy replaces Roku TV OS in their Insignia TVs with Amazon’s Fire TV OS

When Best Buy and Amazon announced their partnership this morning to make and sell new Fire TV Edition televisions running Amazon’s Fire TV operation system, it was great news for Fire TV fans because it will bring new hardware options to the Fire TV line. It turns out that the multi-year deal between the two companies goes a bit deeper because, not only is Best Buy going to start making Fire TV Edition televisions under their Insignia brand, they’re also going to be dropping Roku TV televisions. Read more ›

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2nd-Gen Fire TV Edition televisions to feature new Alexa Remote with additional buttons

The first bit of information about the next generation of Fire TV Edition televisions was announced this morning. Not much about the “more than 10” new TVs has been revealed, other than being made by Toshiba and Insignia, and that they’ll come in 4K and 1080p variants. The one high-resolution image of the first TV made by Toshiba being released does include a view of the remote which shows new buttons not found on the current Fire TV Edition televisions or any other Fire TV device. Read more ›

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Amazon teams up with Best Buy to launch over 10 new Fire TV Edition televisions this summer

Amazon has announced that, in partnership with Best Buy, there will be at least 10 new Fire TV Edition televisions released this summer. The first phase of this multi-year partnership will include 4K and HD (1080p) models from Toshiba and Insignia. The TVs will be available to purchase in the United Sates in Best Buy stores, on Best Buy’s website, and on Amazon.com where Best Buy will be the third-party seller. Read more ›

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Fire TV Edition televisions are all back in stock after selling out over the holidays

Amazon had several sales on the Fire TV Edition televisions during the holidays. Those sales resulted in the 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch TV sizes, which were the most heavily reduced, to sell out. When they remained out of stock through the end of the year, some, including myself, wondered if they’d never return and be replaced by new models. That’s apparently not the case just yet because all sizes have just come back in stock this morning. Read more ›

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Westinghouse shows off possible new Fire TV Edition television at CES 2018

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A year ago at CES, Amazon debuted the current Fire TV Edition televisions from Element and Westinghouse. This year, despite evidence of 2nd generation TVs being in the works, Fire OS on new TVs has been nearly nonexistent at CES. The only new Fire TV Edition television being shown is one from Westinghouse that is not quite ready for an official announcement. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Amazon is working on 2nd Gen Fire TV Edition televisions

Amazon is currently working on the next generation of televisions running their Fire TV operating system. The first Fire TV Edition televisions, made by Element and Westinghouse, were announced nearly a year ago at CES 2017 and began shipping to customers around the middle of this year. With CES 2018 just around the corner, it looks like we might see a new set of TVs running Amazon’s Fire OS. Read more ›

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