Amazon’s Fire TV 3 is a 64-bit device running a 32-bit operating system

Since the Amazon Fire TV 2 was a 64-bit device, many people seem to have assumed that the new Fire TV 3 would also be a 64-bit device. In reality, that’s only partially the case, because while the Fire TV 3 has a 64-bit CPU, the current version of Fire OS 6 running on the device is actually a 32-bit operating system. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV 3 and Fire OS 6 support sideloading apps like Kodi

For those wanting definitive confirmation, the new Amazon Fire TV 3 does allow sideloading apps like Kodi. Apart from a small issue with my Downloader app that has now been fixed, sideloading on the latest Fire TV running an all new Fire OS 6 is exactly the same as it is on other Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models. Read more ›

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The Amazon Fire TV 3 has arrived

Today is the day that the Amazon Fire TV 3 is released. I just received mine, as well as the new official Amazon Ethernet Adapter. Let me know in the comments if there is anything specific you’d like to know about or want me to try. If you’ve purchased the new Fire TV as well and have discovered something noteworthy or interesting, let’s hear about it in the comments as well.

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