Amazon Echo Wall Clock loses connection while playing Multi-Room Music

Amazon’s recently released Echo Wall Clock is a handy accessory for Echo smart speaker owners who regularly set timers, however, it does suffer from an issue that is common among all Alexa Gadgets. Playing multi-room music that includes the Echo device that the clock is paired to will cause the Echo Wall Clock to lose its connection to the Echo device. This could result in the clock inaccurately displaying the status of timers. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Wall Clock Overview and Video Demo

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock was among the more surprising devices that Amazon announced at their Alexa hardware event earlier this year. It’s Amazon’s second Alexa Gadget, the other being Echo Buttons, which means it needs to be paired to any Echo model for it to work. Once paired with an Echo, the Echo Wall Clock will display Alexa timers, alarms, and notifications. Here’s an overview of how it works, along with a few video demos. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Wall Clock is now available to order

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock has just become available to order. The $29.99 analog clock is an Alexa Gadget that pairs to any smart speaker in the Amazon Echo line up to gain extra functionality, such as giving a visual indicator of timers set through Alexa and pending Alexa notifications. Read more ›

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Amazon announces new Echo Wall Clock

Amazon has announced a new Echo Wall Clock. Much like the new AmazonBasics Microwave with Alexa capabilities, the Echo Wall Clock does not actually have Alexa built-in, nor does it have microphones or a speaker in the device itself. Instead, it falls into the Alexa Gadget category of devices and serves as a companion to Echo devices to serve as a visual indicator for Alexa timers and reminders. Read more ›

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