Amazon’s Echo Spot has a hidden USB port concealed behind a removable panel

I’m a little late to the party, but now that the holidays and CES are over I’m finally finding time to dive into the devices I’ve been neglecting to write about, such as the Amazon Echo Spot, Cloud Cam, Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, and Muse. While playing with the Echo Spot this week, I discovered a micro USB port, in between the power and audio-out ports, that’s hidden behind an easily removable panel. The active USB port provides fastboot access to the Android-based operating system running the Echo Spot and could provide an avenue for modding the device. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Spot is now available in the UK and Germany

Amazon has announced that the Echo Spot is now available in the UK and Germany. In the UK, it is priced at £119.99 and in Germany, you’ll pay €129.99. Both the white and black versions of the Echo Spot are available to preorder today in both countries and will be released on January 24th. The Echo Spot is Amazon’s second Echo with a screen, after the Echo Show. It features all of the same features of the larger Echo Show, but in a more compact form factor.

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Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Buttons have been released

The Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Buttons have arrived to customers who placed pre-orders. There seems to be a decent amount of interest in these because ordering either of them today will not see them arrive until next year, since both are back-ordered. Initial reviews across the web seem to be positive for the Echo Spot, with some articles calling it the best Alexa device. I’ve purchased both the Spot and the Buttons to see what they’ve got to offer. I don’t know if I’ll be writing up a standard review for them, but I’ll, of course, be digging in to see if there’s anything exceptionally interesting beneath the surface to tell you all about. Please let me know in the comments below if there’s anything specific that you want to know about either the Echo Spot or the Echo Buttons.

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Amazon sells an adjustable stand for the Echo Spot

Amazon is selling an adjustable stand for the soon to be released Echo Spot. The Echo Spot Adjustable Stand is available to preorder for $19.99 in either black or white and will be released on December 19th, the same day as the Echo Spot itself. The stand attaches magnetically to the Echo Spot and allows you to adjust the device’s angle. One of my complaints of the Amazon Echo Show is its fixed angle which limits where it can be placed. The Echo Spot stand seems to solve that issue by allowing you to tilt the device so that the screen and camera are at the ideal angle.

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Amazon Echo Spot preorders will all arrive by December 22 — Order update emails sent this week were a mistake

Earlier this week, some customers who pre-ordered the Amazon Echo Spot, including myself, received an email from Amazon informing them that their devices would arrive on December 25th or later, instead of on the device’s December 19th release day. It turns out those emails were sent by mistake and Amazon has sent a second email last night, which I too have received, correcting the estimated delivery date back to December 19th. Read more ›

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Amazon announces new Echo Spot smart speaker with round screen for $129.99

Amazon has announced the Echo Spot, which can best be described as a miniature Echo Show. The two devices share many of the same capabilities, including a touchscreen, built-in camera, and speakers. Read more ›

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