Amazon Echo Look Review

The Amazon Echo Look is one of the most peculiar devices to be released by Amazon. The general reaction to it reminds me a lot of the initial reaction to the Amazon Echo when it was revealed. Like many, I didn’t think I’d have much use for a voice controlled speaker, but have since really enjoyed having one. So, while I don’t think I have much use for a voice controlled camera or a “style assistant,” as the Echo Look is being called, I picked one up to see if it had a place in my lineup of Alexa devices. Read more ›

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Amazon begins sending out Echo Look invitations

Amazon has started sending out invitations to purchase the Echo Look, their new Alexa powered “style assistant” with a built-in camera and speaker. I’ve just received an invitation myself and other readers have informed me that they received one today as well. While I’m probably not the demographic this device was intended for, nor are most of you, I’ve taken one for the team and bought one to review. Look for an article soon, fashion selfies and all, with my detailed overview and opinions on what is easily Amazon’s strangest device.

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Amazon releases Echo Look “style assistant” camera with Alexa

The Alexa capable camera that I discovered is called the Echo Look and has just been launched. Turns out it’s not a home security camera like I assumed, but rather, an Alexa powered “style assistant” that acts as a smart mirror, of sorts, to rate your outfit. Using your voice, you can use Echo Look to take pictures of your outfit, which can be catalogued in a “lookbook,” shared to friends on social media, or judged for how flattering it looks. Read more ›

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