1st-gen Amazon Dash reduced to just $3.29, down from $50 [Expired]

The 1st generation Amazon Dash has been reduced to just $3.29 as an add-on item. This is the little known wand shaped device that Amazon makes which allows you to order products by either speaking into the device or using it to scan a bar code. The Amazon Dash originally sold for $49.99, but now that a new model has been released, the old one is being marked down significantly. If you’re an Amazon Fresh subscriber, you can still get the new model for free, but if you aren’t, and want a simple way to order everyday items, now’s your chance to get the Dash for a steep discount.

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Amazon Dash buttons are $0.99 and receive $4.99 credit after first use [Expired]


You can currently buy am Amazon Dash Button for $0.99 with promo code CYBERDASH. Once you use the button the first time to place an order, you will receive $4.99 credited to your account for a net gain of $4. If you’ve purchased and/or used Dash BUttons in the past, you still qualify for this promotion, since the $4.99 credit is per button. However, it appears you can only purchase one button at the $0.99 discounted price this time around.

Dash Buttons are available for over 200 brands. You configure the button to order a specific item from Amazon and place it in a convenient location. Then just press the button anytime to order the item. The button is smart enough to not place a second order if there is an open order that hasn’t arrived yet, so there’s no fear of accidentally ordering too many of the same item at once. Plus, you get a notification on your phone whenever the button is pressed and have time to cancel the order in case the button was pressed accidentally.

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Update: Get any Dash Button, including the $20 AWS IoT programable button, for FREE [Expired]


Earlier today I posted about a promotion that lets you buy Amazon Dash buttons for $0.99 each and still get a $4.99 credit when you use the button the first time. It turns out that there isn’t just one promo code that works, but several different promo codes. Even better is that the different codes stack on each other, so if you apply more than one code to a single order, it will make the Dash button completely free. You’ll even still get the full $4.99 credit when you use the button for the first time. The promo codes even work on the $20 AWS IoT Dash button meant for programmers and developers. I was able to stack several promo codes to get an IoT button and regular Dash button for free in a single order (screenshot). The stacking of codes is likely an unintended bug with this promo, so order soon because I exepect it will be disabled soon.


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Amazon Dash Buttons are $0.99 and you still get a $4.99 credit on first use [Expired]


Amazon Dash Buttons are the handy little buttons that you configure to order a specific Amazon product, which you select, when pressed. Normally they cost $4.99 each, which Amazon credits back to you the first time you use each button. Right now, if you use promo code COLLECTDASH or RMNBUTTONS or ZIFFBUTTONS or REVIEWDASH at checkout, each Dash Button you buy will be only $0.99. The best part is, Amazon will still credit you $4.99 per button when it is first used. So you essentially get $4 for free for every button you buy and use at least once. There are now over 200 button brands to choose from, so you’re bound to find products that you’ll use the button for at least once. The terms of the promotion say you must use each Dash Button by December 31 2016 to receive the $4.99 credit. Dash Buttons are only available for Prime Members.


See my new updated post on how to get these buttons for free.

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Amazon quietly releases 2nd-gen Dash barcode scanner and microphone


With little or no fanfare, Amazon has released an all-new 2nd-generation Amazon Dash barcode scanner and voice shopping wand. This handheld device lets you add items to your Amazon shopping cart by either scanning a barcode or speaking into the built in microphone. It’s primarily meant to be used in conjunction with Amazon Fresh for groceries. The new model is nearly identical to the 1st-generation Dash, which was released over 2 years ago. The main differences are the new Dash has a single button used for both scanning and voice shopping, where the old one had a separate button for each function, it’s about an inch shorter than the old one, and the new one is magnetic so it can stick to your fridge. Read more ›

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New Amazon Dash barcode reader passes FCC approval


It appears Amazon is planning to release a new version of their Amazon Dash barcode scanner. A device that matches the Dash’s capabilities just received FCC approval. It carries FCC ID number 2AETI-0610, model number PL46MN, and is described as a “Wireless Barcode Reader.” Amazon Dash allows customers to order products from Amazon by simply scanning the barcode of a product you already have, or by speaking your order into the device’s microphone. It’s intended to be used primarily in the kitchen to order everyday consumable products. It seems like Amazon’s Dash Buttons have been more popular than the Dash scanner, but I guess the scanner is popular enough to merit a new model.

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Amazon releases Dash Buttons to the UK, Germany, and Austria


Amazon Dash Buttons are now available in the UK and Germany for the first time. The same deal applies in both countries where you essentially get the buttons for free as long as you use them once. Amazon UK is selling Dash Buttons for £4.99 and will credit you back £4.99 when each button you order is used the first time. Amazon Germany is selling them for €4.99 with the same amount credited back after first use.

As a reminder, each Dash Button is brand specific and you use a mobile device to assign it to a specific product. When the button is pressed, that product is automatically ordered and a notification is sent to your mobile device with delivery information, order total, and the option to cancel the order. As an added failsafe to prevent accidental orders, the button will not place a new order until a previous order has been delivered. So there’s no concern over a child or someone spamming the button with presses and placing dozens of orders. They may seem like silly devices to some, but they’re a nice convenience for everyday things you want to always have on hand.

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All Amazon Dash Buttons are on sale for $0.99 and you still get $4.99 back when first used [Expired]


All Amazon Dash Buttons are currently on sale for $0.99. The best part is, you will still receive $4.99 back the first time you use each button, so it’s a net gain of $4 per button you purchase today. If you’ve been thinking of trying Dash Buttons, there has never been a better chance. There are now over 150 different brands to choose from in a variety of categories. Choose from household products like Tide and Charmin, or everyday groceries like Campbell’s Soup, Gatorade, and Quaker Oats. There are also pet products like cat littler and dog food, as well as buttons for baby and kid products like Gerber Formula and NERF. The list goes on and on.

When you receive your Dash Button, you simply configure them using an Android or iOS app to purchase a specific product when pressed. Once you press the button once, the assigned product will be ordered and an automatic credit of $4.99 will be applied to that order. The credit is for every Dash Button you purchase, not just a one time thing, so with this deal, you’re essentially getting an additional $4 off each first purchase made with Dash Buttons. The buttons are smart enough to prevent accidental duplicate purchases, and you always get notified that a button has been pressed via email so you can cancel the order if necessary.

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Amazon Dash Buttons surpass 150 brands with the addition of 50 new brands


Amazon Dash Buttons, the simple push-to-order devices that Amazon essentially gives away, continue to grow in popularity. Today, Amazon has announced that 50 new brands have been added to the Dash button lineup, pushing the total selection north of 150 brands. New comers include Campbell’s Soup, Trident, Cascade, Clif Bar, Mentos, Quilted Northern, and many others. New categories of buttons have also been added, like a toys category which allows you to order Play-Doh or Nerf darts with the push of a button. It’s probably a good idea to place those particular buttons out of a child’s reach.

Amazon says Dash Button orders have increased by over 70% in the last 3 months and a Dash button order is placed every 30 seconds now. In fact, Amazon says that for some items, like Bounty paper towels and Maxwell House coffee, more than half of all orders are now made via Dash Button. Prime members can order Dash Buttons for $4.99 each, which is automatically refunded when the button is used for the first, so it’s no surprise the buttons are growing in popularity since the extra convenience comes at no additional cost to customers.

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Amazon releases programmable Dash button


Ever since Amazon released their handy little Dash buttons, people have been hacking them to achieve tasks other than ordering products. Amazon has acknowledged the modding community that has sprung up around the Dash buttons and will soon be selling a programmable Dash button. This new button is very likely the Dash button we saw pass through the FCC a couple months ago. If the FCC document is to be believed, this new Dash button has Bluetooth capabilities, in addition to WiFi, and may pack in twice the battery power to last longer than the original.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels says the new programmable Dash button can be configured to do everything Alexa can do, and more. You will need to have at least a bit of programming knowledge to achieve any task however, since the button must connect to AWS, Amazon’s cloud servers, before it will do anything. The new Dash button will be available from Amazon here for $20. Perhaps some day we’ll see a consumer friendly programmable Dash button that works with a simple smartphone app.

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