Get 449 Amazon Coins for spending $1.99 [Expired]

mapquest-coin-promo-heaaderMapQuest has partnered with for a promotion which should land you 449 Amazon coins for $1.99, a profit of 250 coins. If you’ve got some free Appstore credit from the promotions last month that is about to expire, this is a great way to convert some of it into Amazon coins and potentially make a 250 coin profit in the process. You will need an Android smartphone with the Amazon Appstore installed to take part in this promotion, so if you’ve got one then read on.  Read more ›

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Fire TV apps currently 60% off, starting at $0.39 (39 coins) [Expired]

Several Fire TV apps are currently offering 60% back in Amazon coins. When apps offer a coin reward, it’s usually just 30% of the app price. A 60% coin reward brings these apps down to the lowest price they’ve ever been. Use some of those coins you earned for free on this list of great deals. Read more ›

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Amazon offering developers $5,000 incentive for Fire TV apps


Last year, Amazon launched Appstore Developer Select, a program to encourage developers to create Fire OS  apps by giving qualifying apps premium placement in the Amazon Appstore, 500,000 free ad impressions on the Amazon mobile Network, and a discount on Amazon Web Services. Amazon has expanded the program by including extra benefits specific for Fire TV apps. Developers of qualifying Fire TV apps will receive 500,000 Amazon Coins ($5,000 value) that they can give away to consumers purchasing their apps. With these new benefits, we should start seeing an increase in apps offering free Amazon coins as developers start taking advantage of the programs new incentives.

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All active Free Amazon Coins and Free Appstore Credit Offers [Expired]

free-coins-and-creditAmazon has been promoting their Appstore with so many deals for free Amazon Coins and free Appstore Credits that it’s getting difficult to keep track of it all. We decided to make this comprehensive list of all currently active promotions so that you can make sure you haven’t missed out on any. We have independently verified that all of the following promotions are active.

Read more ›

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Get $5 Amazon Appstore credit for $0.99 [Expired]


We’re getting reports that if you buy the Windows game Blood of the Werewolf for $0.99 on Amazon, you will receive $5 in Appstore credit. Even if you’re not interested in the game, it’s a great way to quadruple your money. Read more ›

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Get $10 Appstore Credit when you buy a $20+ Gift Card [Expired]


Amazon will give you $10 App Store credit when you buy one of several qualifying gift cards. The selection is huge with over 200 stores to like Starbucks, Dominos, Subway, and many more. Read more ›

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Earn 1,000 Amazon Coins by buying these 5 FREE apps [Expired]

Act fast and earn 1,000 amazon coins when you “purchase” these 5 apps for free! These apps are not compatible with the Fire TV, but they don’t need to be to get the free coins. The 5 apps are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Read more ›

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Get 300 Amazon Coins for browsing Summer Kid’s Books [Expired]


We’ve been tipped off of a promotion Amazon is running that gives you 300 coins ($3 value) free for browsing the product page of a book in their Children’s Summer Reading section. Only a select few qualify for this promotion. To see if you qualify, click this link to see if you get the promotion text. Read more ›

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Get GTA: San Andreas for $3.99 or FREE plus 2,000 Amazon coins [Expired]


Amazon is currently running a promotion which gives you 2,000 Amazon Coins for Free (a $20 value) when you purchase Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game is $6.99 and fully compatible with the Amazon Fire TV. That, by itself is a great deal, but if you act quick, you can get $3 in appstore credit for FREE by following the instructions we posted earlier. Additionally, you can earn 900 Amazon coins for FREE by following the instructions in this post and get the game for FREE.

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Get 900 Amazon Coins for FREE [Expired]


Many apps from the Amazon Appstore for Android give you free Amazon Coins when they’re purchased. Occasionally an app will become free during a sale and still give you free coins for “purchasing”. There are currently 9 such apps which are all free and each give you 100 coins. Just “purchase” these 9 apps for free and you will have 900 coins added to your account. You don;t even need to download the apps or have a compatible device to receive the free coins. Hurry before the sale ends. Just be sure the “Price:” is listed as “FREE” and the “Reward:” field says “Earn 100 coins when you buy this app” like in the following picture: Read more ›

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