Amazon Coins are on sale at 35% OFF their regular price

Amazon is currently taking 35% off when you buy 10,000 Amazon Coins. That brings the normally $100 worth of coins down to just $65. This is one of the best deals on Amazon Coins that I’ve seen in a while. Amazon Coins can be used in the Amazon Appstore to buy apps or games, and can also be used within apps to make in-app purchases. If you spend any money at all on apps, it’s silly not to first purchase Amazon Coins because they give you a much bigger bang for your buck. This promotion ends on December 29th.

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New customers can get $50 in Amazon Coins for $25 [Expired]


Amazon is running a “Coinstoppable Promotion” where new customers can purchase 5,000 Amazon Coins for $25. That’s 50% off their regular price, which is the best deal on Amazon Coins that I’ve ever seen. It’s not entirely clear who qualifies as a “new customer.” My guess is it’s either those who have never purchased Amazon Coins or those who have never purchased an app from the Amazon Appstore. When you click the “Get Started” button on the promotion page, it takes you to a page with a claim button. If you don’t qualify for the discount, a message saying “something went wrong” will appear after you click the claim button, so you’ll know if you qualify before making the Amazon Coins purchase. This promotion ends November 30.

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Amazon Coins on sale at up to 20% Off [Expired]


If you aren’t familiar with Amazon Coins, they are Amazon’s digital currency used to purchase apps, games, and in-app purchases from Amazon’s appstore. While most digital currency is a nuisance, Amazon coins have the unique advantage of always being less expensive than just using real money to make the same purchases. Case in point, you can currently buy Amazon Coins for up to 20% off. Amazon Coins come in various bundles from 500 to 10,000. The sweet spot is the 5,000 coin pack for $40 which gets you the full 20% off without having to buy too many coins at once. This Amazon Coin sale price is expected to last through November 1st. The same sale is also available in the UK, Germany, and Japan.

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Spend your “No-Rush” Amazon credit before it expires tomorrow

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re probably familiar with Amazon’s “No-Rush shipping” credit. It’s the promotion which earns you credit for selecting a slower shipping method instead of Prime’s free 2-day shipping option. If you earned no-rush shipping credit between November 2014 and February 2015, then you probably have credit that is about to expire tomorrow. This credit can be used to purchase eBooks, MP3’s, TV Shows, and Movies. You can check your available balance from this page but unfortunate there is no indication of when the credit will expire. You’re best way of figuring that out is to search your email for messages that contain “credit must be used by March 31, 2015” and seeing how many credits you’ve earned.

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Amazon finally adds Amazon Coin Transaction History

For the longest time, Amazon had no way to view a history of the Amazon Coins you spent and earned. That has finally changed. Head on over to the new “Your Coins Account” page on Amazon to view your current Amazon Coin balance and a record of all your past Amazon coin transactions. The page is by no means perfect, but it’s better than nothing. Transactions where coins were spent are clear and informative, but transactions where coins were earned still need some work. For example, the 500 coins I earned for watching a video is listed as “A special reward from Amazon” with no information about the promotion. The 300 coins I earned for buying snacks has an invoice link that doesn’t load the associated order correctly.

Amazon has also added a new dedicated page highlighting products that will earn coins. In addition to apps, this page includes movies, tv shows, music, and books that will earn you Amazon Coins when purchased. As far as I can tell, this is the only place where these coin deals are listed. This is a great way to convert digital media credit, like the credit earned from selecting a slower shipping method, into Amazon coins.

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Amazon Coins on sale for up to 30% off — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]


Amazon just started running one of their best sales on Amazon Coins. The lower denominations are 4%, 5%, and 8% off for 500, 1000, and 2500 coins respectively. Those deals are fairly common, but it’s in the larger denominations where you’ll really see savings. 5,000 coins are currently 20% off and 10,000 coins are a whopping 30% off. Usually, the 20% off mark is reserved for the 10,000 coin denomination which will, on rare occasion, be bumped up to 25% off. However, I’ve never seen it at 30% off. That’s the cheapest it has ever been.

If paying for Amazon coins isn’t your thing, you can still get free coins when buying select groceries thru December 31st.

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Free Amazon Coins for Buying Snacks — 300 coins per item purchased [Expired]

Amazon has just started a new promotion where you earn Free Amazon Coins with select Grocery items. There are over 300 different items eligible which will earn you 300 coins for each item ordered. There are even some qualifying items that costs less than $3.00, making them essentially free when you factor in the value of the coins earned. Like with all free coin promotions, these free coins will expire 1 year after they’re earned, so you’ll have plenty of time to spend them. What you don’t have much time for is getting in on this promotion since it ends December 31st. So go load up on some munchies and get a bunch of free coins in the process!


I can confirm that the promo is working as expected. My Cocoa Roast Almonds have arrived and my Amazon Coin balance has grown by 300.

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Get 500 Amazon Coins FREE for watching Prime Video on Android [Expired]


Amazon has just started running a new promotion that will earn you 500 Amazon Coins, a $5 value, just for watching a Prime Video on an Android device. Simply download the Amazon App for Android, select Amazon Instant Video form the menu in the upper left, and press Play on any Prime Video. You will be asked to install the Prime Video Player and will receive your 500 Free Amazon Coins within 72 hours of streaming a movie or TV show. Full details and instructions can be found on Amazon. Unfortunately, sideloading the Amazon app onto the Fire TV doesn’t work as the app crashes when you try to access Amazon Instant Video. You’ll have to use an Android smartphone or tablet.

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25% off Amazon Coins for a Limited Time [Expired]


If you love trying new apps as much as I do, then this deal is for you. Amazon just started running a promotion for a limited time that knocks 25% off the price of their 10,000 Amazon Coin pack. That’s $100 worth of Amazon coins for just $75. That is by far the best deal on coins I’ve ever seen. Normally, when on sale, this coin pack sells for $90. For a very short time at the end of last year, Amazon had a promotion that took 20% off Amazon coins, but this is the first time they’ve bumped the savings up to 25%. Since Amazon coins you purchase never expire, it makes sense to pre-buy coins when they’re this cheap so that you stack the savings on top of future app deals.

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App Deal: Three games with over 55% Amazon Coin return [Expired]

When an app offers an Amazon Coin return, it’s usually 30% of the app price. These three games currently offer over 55% back in Amazon Coins.

Reward: Earn 165 coins
Final Cost: $1.34 or 134 coins

Hardwood Solitaire IV
Reward: Earn 60 coins
Final Cost: $0.39 or 39 coins

Fat Dragons
Reward: Earn 60 coins
Final Cost: $0.39 or 39 coins

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Get 449 Amazon Coins for spending $1.99 [Expired]

mapquest-coin-promo-heaaderMapQuest has partnered with for a promotion which should land you 449 Amazon coins for $1.99, a profit of 250 coins. If you’ve got some free Appstore credit from the promotions last month that is about to expire, this is a great way to convert some of it into Amazon coins and potentially make a 250 coin profit in the process. You will need an Android smartphone with the Amazon Appstore installed to take part in this promotion, so if you’ve got one then read on.  Read more ›

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Fire TV apps currently 60% off, starting at $0.39 (39 coins) [Expired]

Several Fire TV apps are currently offering 60% back in Amazon coins. When apps offer a coin reward, it’s usually just 30% of the app price. A 60% coin reward brings these apps down to the lowest price they’ve ever been. Use some of those coins you earned for free on this list of great deals. Read more ›

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Amazon offering developers $5,000 incentive for Fire TV apps


Last year, Amazon launched Appstore Developer Select, a program to encourage developers to create Fire OS  apps by giving qualifying apps premium placement in the Amazon Appstore, 500,000 free ad impressions on the Amazon mobile Network, and a discount on Amazon Web Services. Amazon has expanded the program by including extra benefits specific for Fire TV apps. Developers of qualifying Fire TV apps will receive 500,000 Amazon Coins ($5,000 value) that they can give away to consumers purchasing their apps. With these new benefits, we should start seeing an increase in apps offering free Amazon coins as developers start taking advantage of the programs new incentives.

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All active Free Amazon Coins and Free Appstore Credit Offers [Expired]

free-coins-and-creditAmazon has been promoting their Appstore with so many deals for free Amazon Coins and free Appstore Credits that it’s getting difficult to keep track of it all. We decided to make this comprehensive list of all currently active promotions so that you can make sure you haven’t missed out on any. We have independently verified that all of the following promotions are active.

Read more ›

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Get $5 Amazon Appstore credit for $0.99 [Expired]


We’re getting reports that if you buy the Windows game Blood of the Werewolf for $0.99 on Amazon, you will receive $5 in Appstore credit. Even if you’re not interested in the game, it’s a great way to quadruple your money. Read more ›

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Get $10 Appstore Credit when you buy a $20+ Gift Card [Expired]


Amazon will give you $10 App Store credit when you buy one of several qualifying gift cards. The selection is huge with over 200 stores to like Starbucks, Dominos, Subway, and many more. Read more ›

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Earn 1,000 Amazon Coins by buying these 5 FREE apps [Expired]

Act fast and earn 1,000 amazon coins when you “purchase” these 5 apps for free! These apps are not compatible with the Fire TV, but they don’t need to be to get the free coins. The 5 apps are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Read more ›

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Get 300 Amazon Coins for browsing Summer Kid’s Books [Expired]


We’ve been tipped off of a promotion Amazon is running that gives you 300 coins ($3 value) free for browsing the product page of a book in their Children’s Summer Reading section. Only a select few qualify for this promotion. To see if you qualify, click this link to see if you get the promotion text. Read more ›

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Get GTA: San Andreas for $3.99 or FREE plus 2,000 Amazon coins [Expired]


Amazon is currently running a promotion which gives you 2,000 Amazon Coins for Free (a $20 value) when you purchase Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game is $6.99 and fully compatible with the Amazon Fire TV. That, by itself is a great deal, but if you act quick, you can get $3 in appstore credit for FREE by following the instructions we posted earlier. Additionally, you can earn 900 Amazon coins for FREE by following the instructions in this post and get the game for FREE.

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Get 900 Amazon Coins for FREE [Expired]


Many apps from the Amazon Appstore for Android give you free Amazon Coins when they’re purchased. Occasionally an app will become free during a sale and still give you free coins for “purchasing”. There are currently 9 such apps which are all free and each give you 100 coins. Just “purchase” these 9 apps for free and you will have 900 coins added to your account. You don;t even need to download the apps or have a compatible device to receive the free coins. Hurry before the sale ends. Just be sure the “Price:” is listed as “FREE” and the “Reward:” field says “Earn 100 coins when you buy this app” like in the following picture: Read more ›

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