Everything that’s affected when you teach Amazon’s Alexa to recognize your voice

This week, Amazon made it possible to teach Alexa to recognize your voice. Once you’ve completed the voice training process and created a voice profile, Alexa will be able to distinguish your voice from the voice of others who use the same Echo devices. Here’s a detailed breakdown of Alexa’s various features that are affected when the voice assistant recognizes the speaker. Most changes focus on improving Alexa use in a multi-user household, but somes actually improve Alexa even if you’re the only one using your devices. Read more ›

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Amazon’s Alexa can now distinguish between different voices and respond appropriately

Amazon has added voice recognition to Alexa. The new feature allows Alexa to know who in your household is talking and give personalized responses, eliminating the need to switch profiles. Read more ›

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Careful, Alexa now reveals what you’ve ordered when you ask for your delivery status

When Amazon added the ability for Alexa to tell you the delivery status of your open Amazon orders, it was a welcomed addition. At the time, Alexa only told you when the order was placed, who placed it, and when it was expected to arrive. Sometime recently, Amazon updated the feature to where Alexa now also tells you what is in the order. Read more ›

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Turn your Echo or Echo Dot into a night light with this clever Alexa skill

Night Light is an interesting new Alexa Skill that lets you use the blue LED light ring on the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot as a makeshift night light. It uses a clever trick that makes the Echo think it’s continuously responding, which in turn results in the light ring staying illuminated. Read more ›

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Sonos PLAY:1 is $50 off and PLAY:5 is $100 on Amazon and through Alexa Voice Shopping [Expired]

To highlight Alexa’s new ability to remotely control Sonos speakers, Amazon is taking $50 off the price of the Sonos PLAY:1 and $100 off the price of the Sonos PLAY:5 if you purchase either one through Alexa. That brings the price of both speakers down to lower than they have ever been.


You don’t need to use Alexa voice shopping. You can get the same discount by using promo code SONOSPLAY1 or SONOSPLAY5 at checkout on Amazon’s website.

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Amazon Alexa and Echo devices are now available in India

Amazon is continuing their expansion of Alexa and Echo devices to new countries. They announced a couple of days ago that Alexa and Echos were coming to Japan later this year and now have announced that they’re also being made available in India. The Echo devices are available by invite only starting today at an introductory price with a free year of Prime membership included. Read more ›

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Alexa can now control all Sonos speakers

You don’t have to buy the new Sonos One if you want voice control of a Sonos speaker. That’s because Sonos has announced that voice control of their speakers through an Alexa device is now available to everyone as a public beta. Read more ›

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Sonos One is an all new smart speaker with Alexa built in

Sonos has announced the Sonos One, a new smart speaker with Amazon Alexa built in. It combines Sonos’ premium sound quality and multi-room audio capabilities with Amazon’s voice assistant. Read more ›

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Hulu, PlayStation Vue, CBS, NBC, Showtime, Bravo, and more apps to gain voice control on Fire TV

Alexa’s ability to control Amazon Fire TV devices using your voice has been expanding over time but is still fairly limited. That will soon change because the Fire TV’s voice control capabilities will be extending beyond Amazon’s own content and into several 3rd party apps later this year. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo and Alexa are coming to Japan for the first time later this year

Amazon announced today that Alexa and the Amazon Echo will be released in Japan later this year. It’s not clear if the entire line of Echo devices will be made available to Japanese customers, but it seems as though at least the new 2nd generation Echo will be sold in Japan. Read more ›

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