Fire TV & Fire TV Stick Rooting Starters Guide

Fire TV & Fire TV Stick
Rooting Starter's Guide

Last updated: April 23, 2017

This page will help you determine if your 1st-gen Fire TV, 2nd-gen Fire TV, 1st-gen Fire TV Stick, or 2st-gen Fire TV Stick is rootable. If it is rootable, this page will walk you through the steps for rooting your device, installing a custom recovery, and installing a pre-rooted ROM. If you only root the device, then you will be unable to update the device without losing root. That is why it is best to also install a custom recovery that allows you to install pre-rooted ROMs. The pre-rooted ROMs allow you to update your device to the latest software version without losing root.

First, which device are you rooting?

Fire TV 1 (2014)
Fire TV 2 (2015)
Fire TV Stick 1 (2015)
Fire TV Stick 2 (2016)

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