Screen calibration remains on Fire TV 2 with update, but not added to Fire TV Stick 2

For some reason, Amazon decided to disable screen calibration on the software version that shipped on the new Fire TV Stick 2. Soon after this was discovered, I was notified by several people who were told, by Amazon’s customer service, that the feature would be added in with a future update and that it would not be removed from older devices. I’m happy to say that on the Fire TV 2, the option to calibrate the size of the display is still available in the new software version. While I have not received the update on any of my 2nd-gen Fire TV Sticks yet to verify it myself, Clint Bullock on Twitter has confirmed to me that the calibration option has unfortunately not been added to the Fire TV Stick 2 with the new software update.


  1. Neogeo71 says:

    I wonder if the new stick chipset is not capable of this? this will be a dealbreaker for some peope… really hope Amazon adds this functionality back to the new stick software…

    • tech3475 says:

      Either that or a driver related issue which may be out of Amazons hands as that will likely be an OEM issue.

      • Ujn Hunter says:

        Shouldn’t be either, as Kodi/MrMC can both do it, even on Fire TV Stick 2. The Reps I’ve talked to said it was being worked on… but sounds like it’s not a priority, they’d rather get moving Ads working first it seems. I think I’ll be re-talking to a Rep and having them either refund me or give me a Fire TV/Stick that works properly.

  2. Grinder says:

    Still no sign of the update yet on any of my devices (1&2).

    • Scott Lewis says:

      My guess is IF there was a problem with the update as has been alluded to on this site and others, it’s been resolved. If there was no issue, it’s just taking it’s time to roll out still. One of my boxes got the update very early. The other one got it last night. There’s a third, I haven’t bothered to check yet.

  3. Ulises A.Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Same here, still no sign of this New Update yet on any of my devices:

    Two FireTV2 Box.

    One FireTV1 Box.

    Two FireTV1 Stics.

    Apparently Amazon is releasing this update slowly.

  4. Armand says:

    Unfortunately, I can confirm, that my Fire Stick 2 received new ‘Cinema’ UI and Display Calibration is still not present.

    I used the Chat support and was told that the feature is being worked on which the customer service rep later walked-back after pressed on a release date or status. He then said he could not comment on the issue and gave me a $10 credit for the inconvenience of it after I asked if these would be worth keeping since functionality was lost.

    They then sent this canned email loaded with the general platitudes.

    I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard. That’s definitely not what we want our customer to experience. I can understand how disappointing it could be. However, I have passed the feedback to the concerned department regarding calibration feature. Customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the service we provide, and we’re glad you took time to write to us. The concerned department will carefully review your comments.

    Also, I’ve included your comments in the list of suggestions which helps our Amazon development team to know what exactly our customer wants. Please be assured we’re working hard to provide our customers best digital experience on Amazon.

  5. bill says:

    just curious – why is this needed?

    • some televisions and displays are really crappy, and crop way too much content.

      sometimes this could include the user interface, or it could just be annoying.

      These same devices are also so poorly made, that they don’t provide the standard options to correct the issue with scaling settings,

      • bill says:

        sounds like you need a new tv then

        • Ujn Hunter says:

          Yes, you should have to buy a new TV for a $30 device because the devs of said device don’t understand how TVs have worked since the dawn of time. Makes sense.

          • Ichijoe says:

            Perhaps they’re more concerned about how TVs are now totay, then what they were like 10 odd years ago. But, yes I had to get rid of an Asus Nexus Puck One Time for much the same reasons.

            If your willing to take a gamble I’d suggest looking at One of those Chinese ‘Droid Boxs. Those have the feature to setup scaling, and if you manage to get a good One, almost better then the Fire. Unless you need a good Player with more than just the generic Widevine DRM. *cough* Netflix *cough*.

          • Ujn Hunter says:

            I have an LG TV from the end of 2014 that offers no “scaling”, hardly 10 years ago. The point is that it’s really the devices that should have the scaling options and not the TV that should have to scale the devices, especially when you have multiple HDMI devices on each input, the TV scaling one device might not be the same settings for another device.

            Just because you don’t have the issue, doesn’t mean it’s not an issue, and defending the company seems rather silly and pointless. It’s a problem for people, it didn’t used to be a problem on the original hardware, it shouldn’t be that hard for them to fix this problem.

        • Armand says:

          A new TV is not needed when the device designed to work with TV’s fails to play nice with it. The Amazon System Requirements: ‘High-definition television with available HDMI input, Internet connection via Wi-Fi, a power outlet.’

          And that is all.

          Calibration is a functionality service (not a feature) which was removed from the new Fire Stick and was present in the first iteration. (It was there for a reason)

          This has nothing to do with TV quality or cost, as it affects both my 4K LG, and a entry-level TV alike. It is a deal breaker for those affected and a head-scratcher as to why devs would have removed it.

  6. Ichijoe says:

    Speaking of new options has anyone checked out the Settings > Applications > Appstore yet?

    There’s an interesting option to turn External Market Links On, or Off.
    Though I’m likely to be reading way to much into it, could this be a way to eventually get the PlayStore on the AFTV2?

  7. hellasleeper says:

    The Fire Stick 2 still doesn’t have Video Calibration, but Kodi does ON the Fire Stick. I don’t even really need the firestick to calibrate or scale my video, although it would be nice, it isn’t a deal breaker. I love my fire stick (with Kodi) :)

  8. FiredUp says:

    Hi, I recently bought the Fire TV Stick and came across this problem so I returned it. Does the Fire TV 4K have the same problem or does it have screen calibration options? Thanks in advance

  9. Nik says:

    I have a brand-new projector that doesn’t scale enough to fit my screen in my small room. The scaling feature made it fit perfect. Fortunately, I watch 90% on Kodi, which does offer the scaling feature. But unfortunately, that leaves Hulu, Prime, and Netflix out, of which I have accounts on all 3. So if anything, they’re losing out this customer on all 3 services if scaling doesn’t come back. I’m guessing that was not their intention.

  10. lilivier says:

    One year now and it is not fixed :(

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