Round up of Amazon Echo Show reviews

The Amazon Echo Show will officially be released in a couple of days on June 28. That’s when I’ll be getting mine, just like the rest of us mortals who pre-ordered Amazon’s new flagship Alexa device. Some publications that Amazon considers to be worthy, which, to no surprise, I am not among, have received early access to the new device. The publishing embargo has just been lifted and a bunch of Echo Show reviews have gone live. I’ll be focusing on the gritty details of what the device can and can’t do, once it arrives, but for those wanting an overview now, here’s a roundup of the reviews I’ve been able to find.

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  1. Edgar R. says:

    The intercom feature is slated to be released in the next few days. Maybe write an article about that? This is the feature I’ve been waiting for because I can never hear my wife when she is downstairs.

  2. Alexa, show me the chile recipe!

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