Fire TV 1 Rooting, Recovery, and ROM Guide: Dirty Cow with blown eFuse Method

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The Fire TV 1 running software versions,,,,,,,, and is rootable, but because your eFuse is blown with those software versions, you will not be able to unlock your bootloader. An unlocked bootloader helps you restore your device if you brick it in some instances, but it’s not necessary to root. Since you can’t unlock your bootloader anyway, it’s best to update to version 5.0.5 (Build 537174420) if you can to make the rooting process easier. Let your Fire TV start downloading an update and if it begins downloading version 5.0.5 (Build 537174420), allow it to update and then follow this guide. If it begins downloading any other software version, then pull the power to stop the update from downloading, and follow these steps to root:

  1. [Optional, but recommended] Block updates using method 4 of this guide.
  2. Root by following this guide.
  3. Block updates using method 1 of this guide.
  4. Install TWRP custom recovery by following section 2 of this guide.
  5. Install the latest pre-rooted ROM by following this guide.

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