Refurbished Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote is $36.99 at Woot [Expired]


Woot currently has the Refurbished Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote bundle for $36.99. Amazon sells this refurbished bundle for $44.99, so it’s a nice savings if you’re looking to save a bit by purchasing a refurbished device. The remote in this bundle alone sells for $29.99, so you’re getting the Stick for not much more.

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  1. SRJ says:

    wow, good deal, very tempting but i think ill hold out to see if we get a 2nd gen stick later this year, fingers crossed :-)

    been a busy morning i see.. looking forward to more news this week!

  2. clocks says:

    Woot charges shipping, making it less of a deal.

  3. Max Wagner says:

    While they do charge shipping, it is $5 regardless of the order size. So you can pick up 3 Fire Sticks with a shipping charge of $1.67/ea which makes it a bit more palatable.

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