Refurbished Amazon Echo on sale for $69.99 — Lowest Price Ever

The Refurbished 1st Gen Amazon Echo is on sale for $69.99. This matches the price it was during Black Friday and is the lowest price it has ever been. While Amazon lists the regular price as $164.99, it has actually been $89.99 for a couple of months, so that’s the more realistic list price. If you prefer the look or the sound of the original Echo, this is probably one of your last chances to buy it at a discount. I personally think it’s a coin flip between this Echo and the new one when it comes to which one sounds better. I think the new Echo has slightly better sounding lowes, noticeable with bass heavy music, while the original Echo has slightly better sounding highs, noticeable with podcasts/news and music vocals.

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  1. Will Smith says:

    $59.99 is the New Lowest Price!


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