Refurbished 1st-gen Amazon Echo on sale for $69.99

The Certified Refurbished 1st-gen Amazon Echo has just gone on sale for $69.99. While it has a laughable list price of $164.99, it normally sells for either $89.99 or $79.99. This newly discounted price is $5 more than the lowest it has ever been, which occurred during a Prime-only lightning deal back in May. Apart from not having an auxiliary audio out jack, the 1st-gen Echo has all the same functionality as the newer 2nd-gen Echo. The two perform and sound very similar. I personally find the 1st-gen Echo to have a slightly crisper sound, probably due to its larger tweeter, which makes it my preferred device for podcasts and news briefs, while the 2nd-gen has a slightly richer sound, which makes it a bit better for music. Overall, you really wouldn’t notice a difference between the two unless you heard them side-by-side. If you missed out on the Prime Day sales or just prefer the aesthetics and volume wheel of the original Echo, here’s your chance to get one at a great price.

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