Receive $10 Amazon Credit and 3 Audiobooks for FREE for trying Audible [Expired]


If you missed this deal last week during as a Prime Day countdown deal, it’s back for today only. Prime members will receive a $10 Amazon credit applied to their Amazon account for free just for trying Audible. This promotion is not limited to new Audible customers. Several past Audible subscribers, but not all, have reported that they received both the $10 credit and 3 free months of Audible through this promotion. Audible is normally $14.95 per month and you can cancel your free trial before being charged anything. The $10 credit and 3 free audiobooks will be yours to keep regardless. After signing up, you’ll see an “Audible Promotion” appear with $10 off the next time you checkout on Amazon. Combine this deal with the Fire TV Stick sale or Fire TV sale, like AFTVnewscast viewer Lori did, to make a great deal even better.

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  1. Lori Rowland says:

    Thank you for giving all your viewers the information to get the very best deal possible! I have been waiting for the Fire TV to become more affordable. With all the deals you told us about I was able to get an additional $10 off the already great Prime Day pricing. I couldn’t pass it up!! $59.99

  2. Bast says:

    Sadly, I got the notice that only new Audible subscribers were eligible.

  3. Keith says:

    Thanks! I already have audible but prime just went into my wife’s name (student=better deal) so I signed her up. Now I have to explain to her what audible is and how to use it

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