Promo credit emails are rolling out to Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 buyers


If you purchased the new Amazon Fire TV Stick 2, and have activated it, you should have received, or should soon be recieving, and email from Amazon with several promotions. The email contains a code for 1 free month of Sling TV, a link for 2 free months of Hulu, and a link which adds $10 of Amazon Video credit to your account. Everyone who activates a Fire TV Stick 2 by October 31st will receive these credits and promotions. Activation simply means powering on the device and logging in with your Amazon account.

The $10 Amazon Video credit must be applied to your account by November 15 and must be used by December 15, so don’t delay. If you’re not sure what to rent or buy with your credit, Amazon’s Video Deals page is a good place to start. The Sling TV and Hulu promotions must be redeemed by December 15 and November 15 respectively, and are unfortunately valid for new customers only.

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  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    I got mine the day after I plugged my Fire TV Stick 2 in. I have no use of the Sling/Hulu credits though… so not sure if I can offer them to you here at AFTVNews to maybe give away? Is that within the rules? I have no interest in small print.

    • Pocono joe says:

      I could use the sling credit! My son loves to watch soccer, some of which is only available on sling

  2. william says:

    You can give it away. No issues.

  3. Dan Weathers says:

    sre they keeping kodi support?


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