Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button is FREE plus get $4.99 credit on first use [Expired]

The Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button is completely FREE when you use promocode SWEET50OFF at checkout. Yes, your total will litteraly be $0.00. This deal is only available for Prime members. The first time you use the button to order Prime Surprise Sweets you’ll automatically receive $4.99 off of the $18.00 purchase. This is likely a price mistake where two promotions are overlapping and it will not last long.

There are also several Dash Buttons on sale for $2.49. The above promocode only works on the Surprise Sweets button, but all $2.49 Dash Buttons will still receive $4.99 credit the first time they’re used, making them essentially free with a $2.50 profit.

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  1. Rick Foster says:

    Hit “No Rush Shipping” and you could get get $1 back for digital items.

    • Ujn Hunter says:

      Yep. This is what I came here for. ;)

      Also, the first gen IoT Amazon buttons are also $2.49, I grabbed a couple to see if I could turn them into Smart Home switches… anyone have one of these?

  2. AFTV Fan says:

    Are there any discounts on the IoT buttons? Also, why does chocolate candy cost so much? It’s $18 albeit with a limited $4.99 discount on the first order.

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