Prime Members get 20% cashback on over 3,000 items when using an Amazon Visa or Store Card [Expired]

For those of you who have the Amazon Visa or Amazon Store Card (which really should be all of you if you do any kind of regular Amazon shopping), Amazon is currently offering 20% cashback on select items when you use your card. Normally, the cards earn you 5% back, but that will automatically be bumped up to 20% for qualified purchases. There are over 3,000 items that qualify for the extra savings. Use the category options to filter through the list. This offer is only for Prime members and you must use the Amazon Visa or Amazon Store Card at checkout. The extra cashback iwll appear on your statment, just like the 5% normally appears.

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  1. clocks says:

    I got really excited, but looking at the various items, appears most the things I’d consider buying are not included. I guess I don’t need to be spending more money right now anyway.

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