PNY external storage USB Flash Drives and MicroSD Cards on sale today only [Expired]


Amazon is having a Deal of the Day on PNY USB flash drives and microSD cards that are perfect for use as external storage for the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV. For 1st-gen Fire TV owners, today only you can buy PNY USB drives at $8.79 for 32GB, $15.99 for 64GB, and $27.99 for 128GB. For 2nd-gen Fire TV owners, you can buy PNY microSD cards at $9.99 for 32GB, $18.99 for 64GB, and $39.99 for 128GB. Most of these prices are all time lows, so get them while you can. These sale prices end tonight at midnight Pacific time. Remember, While the 2nd-gen Fire TV can use both USB drives and microSD, you can only move apps onto microSD cards with the 2nd-gen Fire TV.

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  1. Gilad says:

    Hey Elias, will rooting help us bypass the restrictions on the file system so we can format these devices using NTFS?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes. Rooted 1st-gen Fire TVs can mount file systems other than FAT32, but it doesn’t work too well with the stock support for external storage. If you’re aim is to just mount a drive to play media, then it’s fine, but if you want to also store apps on the drive you will run into problems.

  2. Andy Martin says:

    Just ordered though your site. I will place all of my orders through your site no matter what I buy.

  3. vulcan195 says:

    So I bought a 32GB microSD card from Amazon for the Fire TV recently and moved a few apps to it. I also have a 32GB USB flash which when I inserted into a USB hub connected to the sole USB port on the Fire TV … it said that I cannot move apps to the USB drive. So then is the benefit restricted only to the ability to play AV media files off the USB?

  4. Jim says:

    Do i need to worry about write speeds on microsd cards for a ftv2? Most msd cards seem to have fast read speeds but not write.

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