Plex’s add-on for Kodi is now free for everyone — Plex Pass no longer required

One of the best things about Plex, the popular media center app, is that it has always supported a huge range of devices and platforms. That support even includes a Kodi add-on, which you can install directly from within Kodi by navigating to the Video Add-ons section. To use Plex’s Kodi add-on, however, you historically had to be a Plex Pass subscriber, which costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. That changes today because Plex has announced that their Kodi add-on is now available for anyone to use for free. So if you’re running a Plex server, you can now get the full Plex experience right from within Kodi, without having to switch apps or pay anything.

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  1. Edgar says:

    Plex addon for kodi is soooo much better than native app on fire tv. So this is great!

  2. Steve says:

    The plex guys are now using telemetry and not giving you an opt out.

  3. cdlenfert says:

    The add-on crashes on IOS

  4. Hazel Luckey says:

    How do i get the plex add on?

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