Plex updating app with fresh new interface

Plex has just announced via their Facebook page that they’ll be updating their Fire TV app with a fresh new interface. According to their post, the new interface will be available on the 2nd-gen Fire TV first and will come to the 1st-gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick later. Most likely, the new app will require Fire OS 5, so it can’t be released to older devices until the final Fire OS 5 software update gets released.

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  1. Neogeo71 says:

    Nice! I just gifted my niece away at school my older Roku 3. I was surprised how nicer the Plex client was on the Roku. I hadn’t used it in months since owning the FireTV. If it is the same interface as the Roku now has, it will be a welcome change. Looking forward to all these app updates!

  2. CitrusFizz says:

    Just an FYI i got my new AFTV today and setup it up, within 1 hour i am sending it back to Amazon. Firstly the new remote freezes after about 2minutes of use, i tried new batteries and a different wifi network.
    I think this was probably unfortunate hardware bug and they could probabbly replace it, however, the new Plex app STILL doesn’t bitstream properly to my receiver. I turned on Brad Pitt’s “Fury” with DTS and confirmed on both my upstairs and downstairs receiver that the issue is still present with the new android version and the new Plex version. The new plex app is lacking a TON of settings compared to the old one as well.

    I was really excited for this, but these two things means this is a flop IMO

    • that’s too bad to hear, I was hoping they fixed some of the codec supports. Plex is my go to, can’t get the wife into Kodi at all and changing video players isn’t a proper solution to the FireTV’s lack of codec support. Mine FTV1 collects dust now while my Pi2 direct streams everything to it.

    • Luis says:

      My remote kept un-pairing from the Fire TV. I had to open the remote app on my phone, scroll to controllers, and click the Add Remote until it found it and paired again. Another thing I found is that Alexa doesn’t always work. Something about a server. And most importantly, doesn’t work with my zip code when I ask it what’s the weather.

    • Arctic says:

      That doesn’t really surprise me to be honest, plex has been terrible on the fire tv since it was released.

  3. Dayton says:

    Installed Plex on the new fire TV. I can’t find the settings option. Any suggestions?

  4. Manabi says:

    They’ve been pushing that to some Rokus (not all). My dad’s Roku got the update, but neither of the ones I have got it, even though they’re all Roku 2s. Dad hates it, but of course there’s no way to roll him back. And as an added bonus, it refused to just find and work with the Plex server on the network after updating, and _required_ logging in with a Plex account just to stream from your local network.

    Can’t say I consider this a step forward overall. The interface looks nice, but making it harder to stream locally is just pathetic.


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