Silk Browser for Fire TV updated with support for 4K YouTube

Amazon has updated the Silk Browser for Fire TV devices to support 4K video playback on YouTube. The new update, carrying version number, is starting to roll, but the new version appears to only be rolling out to select devices, as it’s not yet available to all Fire TV models. Read more ›

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Amazon’s Alexa can now give you information about your specific TV Provider

Amazon has added a new option to the Alexa app that allows you to select your specific TV provider. Doing so enables Alexa to answer questions about your TV service. Questions about TV shows or networks will include times and channels that are available on your specific TV provider. Read more ›

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Toshiba Fire TV Edition television software update lets you power on to your last input

The Toshiba Fire TV Edition televisions are receiving a new (build 738566532) software update that adds a highly requested new option to the settings menu. With this update, you can now configure the TV to remain on the input that was last used when it is powered on. By default, the TV will always display the Fire TV home screen when it is powered on, regardless of the state that it was in when it was powered off. To change this behavior, you can now go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Power On and change the setting to Last Input to prevent the TV from loading the home screen every time. It is unknown if the older Element Fire TV Edition televisions will also be receiving this option in a future update.

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Amazon launches Grocery Pickup at Whole Foods for Prime members

Amazon has announced the launch of grocery pickup at Whole Foods. The new service allows Prime members to shop Whole Foods through Prime Now and pickup their items in as little as 30 minutes. After picking your items and placing your order, you park in a designated spot for pickups at Whole Foods and your groceries will be brought to your car. You can also use the Prime Now app to indicate you’re on your way so that the order is ready as you arrive. Pickup in as little as an hour is free for orders over $35 and costs $1.99 for orders under $35. Pickup in 30 minutes will cost $4.99. Orders can be picked up between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. The grocery pickup service is available at select Whole Foods locations in Sacramento and Virginia Beach starting today, and will be rolling out to other stores soon.

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Fire TV update adds new hidden Network Proxy settings

The biggest new feature brought on by the new software update, that rolled out to the Amazon Fire TV 3 earlier this month, is the highly requested ability to match the device’s refresh rate to the content’s frame rate. That’s not the only new feature because the update has also added the ability to configure the device to use a Network Proxy. The new options are located in the Fire TV’s hidden developer menu. Read more ›

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iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard w/ backlight and Fire TV remote case on sale for $10 [Expired]

The iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Backlight and Fire TV Remote Case is on sale for $10 when you enter promo code BQKTZ6Q4 during checkout. The regular price for this is $24.99 and it has been as low as $20 in the past. Promo codes generated by 3rd-party sellers, like this one, tend not to last long, so expect the code to stop working soon. The keyboard itself is a standard miniature Bluetooth keyboard that can be wirelessly connected to your Fire TV. It comes with a silicone case that can be used to attach the keyboard to the back of a Fire TV voice remote. The non-voice remote that came with the original 1st-gen Fire TV Stick and the older voice remote that came with the 1st-gen Fire TV will not fit in the case. Voice remotes that came with the Fire TV 2, Fire TV Stick 2 (current), Fire TV 3 (pendant), and Fire TV Cube will fit in the included case. While it’s certainly not going to be as functional as something like the Logitech K400 keyboard or as elegant as something like the Sideclick Remote, it gets the job done if you want a physical keyboard mated to your Fire TV remote.

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Alexa’s new ‘Answer Updates’ feature will notify you when it learns your answer

Amazon is rolling out a new Alexa feature called “Answer Update” that will notify you when the voice assistant learns the answer to a question you’ve asked which it was unable to answer at the time. The feature was first spotted by Voicebot and later confirmed by Amazon to TechCrunch. If you ask Alexa a question it can’t answer, there’s a chance it will ask if you’d like to turn on the new Answer Update feature. Alternatively, you can say “Alexa, turn on Answer Update” to turn the feature on immediately, assuming it has already rolled out to your devices. Alexa should respond by saying “Okay, if you ask me a question and I don’t know the answer, but I find out later I’ll notify you.” You can turn off the feature at any point by saying “Alexa, turn off Answer Update.”

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TP-Link Smart Plug Mini and LIFXSmart Bulb are just $10 — Lowest Prices Ever

Amazon has started a new large promotion on several Alexa compatible smart home devices. Most devices are 20% off with the promo code SMARTHOME20, but two special sales are easily the best deals of the bunch. If you use promo code SMART10 at checkout, you can buy either the TP-Link Smart Plug Mini or the LIFX White Smart Bulb for $10. You are limited to one purchase at a discount, so you cannot buy each for $10. The TP-Link plug is among the most popular Alexa compatible smart plugs. The lowest price it has ever been in the past was $19.99, so this is a fantastic deal. The lowest price the LIFX bulb has been is $21.49, so it too is a great deal at $10. Both of these smart home gadgets do not require any kind of hub. Simply plug/screw them in, set them up on your WiFi network, and you’ll be able to control them through Alexa or through their smartphone apps. Offer is only good for “owners of Echo Family and 3rd party Alexa-enabled devices.”

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Rare stacking promotions brings Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera System w/ 3 Cameras down to $359.99 [Expired]

For the next few hours, you can get the Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera System w/ 3 Cameras for $359.99. The kit is on sale today only through a lightning deal that has brought the price down to $449.99. Amazon is running a separate promotion on select Alexa compatible smart home devices that reduces the price by another 20% when you apply promo code SMARTHOME20 at checkout. This promotion may only be available to those of you with Alexa devices registered to your Amazon account, but the Fire TV should make you qualified. The lowest price this 3 camera system has ever been in the past is $480, so these two stacking deals have brought it down to a significantly low price. I have owned the 1st generation Arlo Pro cameras and have been very happy with them. They are truly wireless, thanks to their rechargeable batteries, which makes them trivial to move around and place where you need monitoring.

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GE’s fancy Alexa lamp has been plummeting in price all week

The C by GE Sol Alexa enabled lamp was an interesting spin on the 3rd-party Alexa device market when it was released last year. While most manufacturers were busy putting Alexa into every speaker they made, GE put the voice assistant in a sleek lamp that could give you visual cues, such as flashing when an Alexa timer ended. While the device was intriguing, the $199.99 price was difficult to swallow and probably contributed to its lackluster reviews. GE quickly reduced the retail price to $149.99, but during the last week, its price has been steadily dropping by a few dollars a day. Where it’ll stop is anyone’s guess, but it is currently at $83.20 on Amazon, which is the lowest it has ever been.


The fall continues as it’s now at $79.16.

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