Amazon Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot are on sale for Prime members

Amazon has discounted several of their Echo devices for Prime members. The new 2nd generation Amazon Echo is available for $79.99. At a savings of $20 off the regular price, that matches the lowest price that it has ever been when sold individually and matches the Black Friday Price. The Echo Show is on sale for $179.99 for Prime members. That’s $50 off of the regular price of $229.99 and is the second lowest price it has ever been. Lastly, the Echo Dot is $39.99, which is $10 off of the regular price. It was available for $29.99 for most of November and all of December last year, which is the lowest it has ever been. These Prime-exclusive prices are good through January 18 and is limited to one per customer per device.

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App Deal: Cannon Ballers down from $0.99 to FREE


Cannon Ballers, a defense game, has just gone Free. The last time this game was free was over 2 years ago. It’s inspired by arcade classics like Missile Defender with projectile juggling thrown into the mix. It’s compatible with all Amazon Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Edition televisions, but requires a game controller to play.

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New Apps for the Week of January 7th thru the 13th

This week there were 21 new apps and games released for the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions. Some highlights include a new PAC-MAN game called PAC-MAN Championship Edition has been released. Sokoban is a new game that might look simple and rudementary on the surface, but it’s a classic puzzle game that should keep you busy for quite a while with its 154 levels. DIRECTV NOW has released a new Beta App for those who are part of their early access program. YesPlayer appears to be a simple media player, similar to VLC, that might be worth looking into if you don’t need library management, like in Kodi. YesPlayer boasts subtitle support and a simple UI. TV Time looks like an interesting app that claims to monitor Fire TV usage, which might be handy for parents. Continue on for the full list of new apps and games released in the last 7 days. Read more ›

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Amazon original series ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’ is now on Prime Video

Amazon’s latest original series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is now available for Prime members to stream. The series consists of 10 stand-alone episodes that are each from individual writers and directors. It’s full of top actors and actresses like Bryan Cranston, Steve Buscemi, Richard Madden, Janelle Monáe, Liam Cunningham, Vera Farmiga, Terrence Howard, Anna Paquin, Juno Temple, Timothy Spall, and Maura Tierney. The series is similar to Black Mirror, but not nearly as dark. Since each episode is disconnected from the others, you’re probably better off watching them out-of-order from best to worst. Ratings on IMDB currently rank the 10 episodes, from best to worst, as follows: 2, 6, 10, 1, 3, 9, 7, 5, 8, and 4.

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Westinghouse shows off possible new Fire TV Edition television at CES 2018

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A year ago at CES, Amazon debuted the current Fire TV Edition televisions from Element and Westinghouse. This year, despite evidence of 2nd generation TVs being in the works, Fire OS on new TVs has been nearly nonexistent at CES. The only new Fire TV Edition television being shown is one from Westinghouse that is not quite ready for an official announcement. Read more ›

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Amazon original series ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ will be free to stream this weekend

To celebrate the show’s 2 Golden Globe awards, Amazon is making their original series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel free to stream this coming weekend. As with all of Amazon’s original shows, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel normally requires a Prime membership to view, but starting this Friday at 12:01am and concluding at 11:59pm Monday, January 15, everyone can watch the entire series for free without needing any kind of subscription.

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Hands-on with the Garmin Speak Plus at CES 2018

Garmin just announced an updated version of their Garmin Speak called the Garmin Speak Plus. The new premium model adds a dash cam along with several safety features to a very small device that provides access to Alexa in your car. I got a chance to play with a unit at CES and learn a bit more about its new features. Read more ›

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Amazon’s 65-inch Fire TV Edition television is on sale for $650 — New Lowest Price Ever

Amazon has the Element 65-inch Fire TV Edition television on sale for $650. This is the new lowest price that this TV has ever been, which is 28% off the retail price. The lowest this TV has ever been before this sale was $764.99 during this past Black Friday, so this is a significant drop in price. The three other sizes that this TV comes in have been out of stock ever since they sold out during Black Friday, so it seems like once these TVs are gone, they’re not coming back. I’ve found evidence that Amazon is working on 2nd generation Fire TV Edition televisions, but there’s no telling when those will be released. I’m at CES this week, where these TVs were announced last year, and there haven’t been any new Fire TV Edition televisions revealed, so it seems like it’ll be a while before we see a replacement to these 1st generation TVs running Amazon’s Fire OS. If you’ve been eyeing these Fire TV Edition televisions and are looking to go big with the largest screen size that they come in, this might be your last chance to get one at an unbeatable price for quite a while.

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Lon Seidman covers gadgets at CES with a guest appearance from me

I’m currently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and I spent the evening last night with my buddy Lon Seidman as he covered all the cool tech at the show. If you don’t know about Lon, he has a fantastic YouTube channel, that I highly recommend, where he reviews all sorts of devices. The video above is his first in a series of CES coverage. I make a guest appearance around the 11:35 mark in the video, so be sure not to miss my goofy mug. If you want to play Where’s Elias?, see if you can spot the 2 other times I appear in the video. Hint: One is fairly obvious, the other is not, and I’m never just walking around in the background.

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Hands-on with the Amazon’s Alexa app for Windows 10 PCs

Amazon and several PC manufacturers have announced that Alexa would be coming to select Windows 10 computers by way of a new Windows Alexa app made by Amazon. I got a quick chance to try the app running on an Alexa version of HPs Pavilion Wave computer at CES. Read more ›

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