NVIDIA Shield TV is on sale for $130.60 at Amazon [Expired]

Amazon currently has the NVIDIA Shield TV on sale for $130.60. The price is a bit strange because the Shield TV is on sale for $139.00, but there is also a 5% off coupon on the page. When you “clip” the coupon, you’ll see the final $130.60 price during checkout. Thanks to that extra coupon, this is among the lowest prices that the Shield TV has ever been. This is a lightening deal, so it will end some time later today.

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  1. OG Charlie says:

    Think there could be any truth to the rumor that Nvidia will announce a new Shield at CES and keep the 2017 model around at $99?

    I hope so. That’d be the perfect excuse I need to sell my gen 2 Fire TVs and upgrade. Lack of native NTFS support is really annoying me.

  2. Charlie says:

    I thought I had completely gotten over wanting a Shield but at this price and a 25.00 card I had on file I got mine for 115.00 which includes tax.

    Such a good price, I imagine if I get it and decide not to keep it selling it on Craigslist should be like selling a bar of gold.

    This may be my opportunity to replace my Stream+ with the Shield and a HDHomerun tuner and with that setup I will have the same free DVR solution I have on the Stream+, along with all the streaming apps onboard.

    Like the poster pointed out to me when the pre-orders for the Stick 4K shipped, “never pay full price.”

  3. Tim says:

    This info is false!!!

    • AFTVnews says:

      > This is a lightening deal, so it will end some time later today.

      The deal has now ended

      • Charlie says:

        I had the shopping app on my phone from Black Friday and I got an alert something in my list was on sale and it turned out to the Shield. Did not wake up today thinking I was going to buy a Shield. :)

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