New TWRP test version for Fire TV 1 released by rbox


After taking about a month off due to travel and being busy, rbox is back in the swing of working on TWRP custom recovery for the 1st generation Fire TV. If you recall, some people were having looping/blinking issues with the original version of TWRP for the Fire TV 1. A test version of TWRP, labeled bueller-twrp-test8.img, that fixed some of the issues was released by rbox about a month ago, and now he is picking up where he left off to finalize the necessary fixes. Rbox just released a new version of TWRP for the Fire TV 1, labeled bueller-twrp-test9.img. If you’re still having issues with TWRP on the older Fire TV and are willing to help test new releases, try this new version of TWRP and report back in the XDA thread to help rbox out. Once TWRP for the Fire TV 1 is stable for everyone, rbox can move on to creating pre-rooted ROMs of the latest software update, and then work on TWRP and ROMs for the Fire TV Stick.


  1. Axecaster says:

    If we install the latest TWRP, but wish to flash 5.0.5, will this pre-rooted rom overwrite the latest TWRP with an older, iffy version (3.0.0-6)? If so, what is the workaround to retain the latest TWRP?

  2. Looper says:

    I have some feedback on the previous version (test8) with which I myself had some trouble on two different AFTVs.

    The blinking/looping issue was at hand but, when wired to my local network, I was able to make an adb connection to the looping AFTVs.

    The command “recovery” would interrupt the looping and bring up the TWRP menu.

    I hope this will be of help to others.

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