New Apps for the Week of October 19th thru the 25th

Every Sunday we bring you the list of new apps and games released in the previous week for the Amazon Fire TV. With the release of the UK Fire TV last week, there have been a plethora of new video content apps released. In total, there were 24 new apps and games released last week.

Top New App of the Week

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OP4CQE0&TITLE=”BBC iPlayer”] The BBC app is full of great free content, that is, if it’s available in your area. Even if it isn’t, you can probably still use it by following this guide and this guide.


[amazon template=list&asin=B00CXVBYKY&TITLE=”Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta – Episode 1″]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OOTU67U&TITLE=”Galactic Hero”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OV42JZU&TITLE=”Cheshire’s Cheese Nightmares”]

Video & Music

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OP4DGCG&TITLE=”BBC News”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OPI7DFS&TITLE=”BBC Sport”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OJPKDRW&TITLE=”Watchup”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00ICKFR7Q&TITLE=”Demand 5″]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00NL9IE3W&TITLE=”Radio ENERGY/NRJ”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00G1YIN5S&TITLE=”Chinese Food”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00GJKMV9I&TITLE=”BestCooks”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00FQG2FY2&TITLE=”Cake Recipes By”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00G441LEK&TITLE=”Drinks”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00GJKVYGY&TITLE=”SmartSenior”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00GJKQ20W&TITLE=”SmartMan”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00G43KHFA&TITLE=”TechSmart”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00G0ZUS2E&TITLE=”iStyle”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00G431F0G&TITLE=”iParenting”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OLHHXOE&TITLE=”News by”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OKEMB0E&TITLE=”Pilates”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OPZCSJM&TITLE=”The Holy Tales – Bible”]


[amazon template=list&asin=B00JHSM2LG&TITLE=”SB Player”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OPQWOIQ&TITLE=”aniPet Aquarium”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00BNG4HAO&TITLE=”World Now”]

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