New Apps for the Week of June 22nd thru the 28th

Here’s the list of new apps and games released this week for the Amazon Fire TV.


[amazon template=list&asin=B00HFVE8QE]Reward: Earn 60 coins
Release your inner Tony Hawk in one of 8 unique skate locations. This game is packed with features, including online multiplayer and video recording with direct uploads to YouTube.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00L0LHGY6]A classic 1980’s arcade favorite.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KVQZPJE]A great game for local multiplayer with support for up to 8 players. This game is completely free with no adds or in-app purchases.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KHSJNRG]This game has you running, jumping, and bouncing to a musical beat to finish one of 30 levels.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00GEJTS86]Bring some video slot machine action into your living room. Free tiny watered down drinks not included.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00J7XDLPM]Reward: Earn 60 coins
A classic beat ’em up side scrolling fighting game with over 35 levels to punch through while leveling up your character and learning new moves.


[amazon template=list&asin=B00L827P98]The WWE Network has brought professional wrestling to the Fire TV. All current and former pay-per-view events, original series’, and more video-on-demand content is available to stream for a $9.99 monthly subscription.

The Rest

[amazon template=list&asin=B00L5HQRGS]This app brings AirPlay capabilities to the Fire TV which allows you to wirelessly send video and audio from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your Fire TV.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00L9JB014]Who needs the outdoors when you can bring the outdoors inside!

[amazon template=list&asin=B00L7MRG7U]Reward: Earn 30 coins
Turn your Fire TV into a virtual aquarium.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KDITDRA]You guessed it, this app displays a countdown to Christmas. And no, you haven’t just woken up from a 5 month comma, we are still in June.

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KYIC3NA]Mormon radio with gospel music and talk shows.

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  1. Joshua Gatcomb says:

    You missed one:

    Basketball Trivia: Stats, Awards, Colleges

    It was released today (2014-06-28)

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