New Apps for the Week of August 31st thru September 6th

Every Sunday we bring you the list of new apps and games released in the previous week for the Amazon Fire TV. With the announcement of the Fire TV coming to the UK and Germany, this has been a huge week in terms of new app releases. There were 26 new apps and games released but, unfortunately, many are geographically restricted to the UK and German residents. 

Top New App of the Week

[amazon template=list&asin=B008Z2NVGK&TITLE=”PBS Video”]The PBS video app offers a ton of free content. You just need a free account to activate the app and you’ll have access to full length episodes of popular TV shows and specials.


[amazon template=list&asin=B009P8EMCK&TITLE=”PBS KIDS Video”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00N4MOMNW&TITLE=”NFL Now”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00M7H9W2G&TITLE=”TestTube”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00M7HUEZU&TITLE=”Animalist”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00KRL1JKW&TITLE=”Care World TV”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00MVDUEQY&TITLE=”HypnosisTV”]


[amazon template=list&asin=B00N4UP7EW&TITLE=”Dweebs”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00JOSHAK2&TITLE=”Auralux”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00N2WKOFO&TITLE=”Build It Up”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00MUAEK9A&TITLE=”The Enigma Device”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00M62ULS6&TITLE=”Unmechanical”]

International Video

[amazon template=list&asin=B00MQ8N84Y&TITLE=”Sky News”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B004T7ILUG&TITLE=”Viaway”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00MUM38XC&TITLE=”KIYA TV”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B0093X95SI&TITLE=”Tagesschau”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00M1SF8D8&TITLE=”Dailymotion”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00N0ZC58C&TITLE=”ServusTV”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00GHOMP7O&TITLE=”ZDFheute”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00G6H6BTA&TITLE=”TVPlayer”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00M85U5LY&TITLE=”BILD”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00N2SE1AM&TITLE=”BR-Mediathek”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00LIRHJX0&TITLE=”SPIEGEL ONLINE”]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00LM0AEIA&TITLE=”SPORT1″]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00CIP1LDK&TITLE=”Das Erste”]


[amazon template=list&asin=B00NA173DI&TITLE=”American Flag”]


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