New $5 app brings Amazon’s Alexa to the iPhone


A new app called Lexi has popped up in the Apple App Store, that adds Amazon’s Alexa voice capabilities to the iPhone. The app is very similar to the Alexa Web App, in that you have to tap and hold a button in the app to talk to Alexa. The app lets you take advantage of many of Alexa’s features, like controlling smart home devices, asking questions, and checking the weather. It does not allow you to listen to music or other Amazon services, like audible. For that you’ll still need one of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled gadgets.

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  1. boudyka says:

    controlling my harmony hub though it….in the uk….! using the yonomi skill :)

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Sounds like a risky $5 to me… what’s stopping Amazon from killing the functionality? I can’t use it anyway… requires iOS9 from some god awful reason.

  3. Chuck B says:

    So I am a sucker for anything new Alexa but I am trying to figure out why I would need this. What can this do that Siri wont allow me to do. Also I have multiple echos and amazon fire tvs in my house which I can access with my voice so what would I need this for in my house for? The only thing I can think of is home automation but if you have your Iphone then you could just use the app on the phone instead.

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