Lon Seidman covers gadgets at CES with a guest appearance from me

I’m currently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and I spent the evening last night with my buddy Lon Seidman as he covered all the cool tech at the show. If you don’t know about Lon, he has a fantastic YouTube channel, that I highly recommend, where he reviews all sorts of devices. The video above is his first in a series of CES coverage. I make a guest appearance around the 11:35 mark in the video, so be sure not to miss my goofy mug. If you want to play Where’s Elias?, see if you can spot the 2 other times I appear in the video. Hint: One is fairly obvious, the other is not, and I’m never just walking around in the background.

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  1. drumst1x says:

    Nice to see that cameo :) You should see about asking him to turn the comment where he mentioned you in the text down below into a fully qualified URL so it’s clickable, not just in plain text…

  2. jer says:

    Ha, it is funny that you bought your first AFTV off of him,

    Thanks for the link, I liked the video, going to keep an eye out on his stuff in the future.

    Looking forward to your posts about CES too!

  3. Ray says:

    You’re a rock star, Elias!

    (If you haven’t watched the video yet, he appears at 11:35.)

    How cool that the interviewer was the spark to the “fire” that became AFTVnews.com. Very inspirational.

  4. Y2Bogus says:

    Slight tangent, but did anyone notice a complete lack of Fire OS at CES? Android TV made a decent splash with a handful of manufacturers using it as a base for their smart tvs, and even a new set top box, but where was Fire OS?

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