List of all 272 newly added Fire TV Tablet Games


The day before the new Fire TV was announced, 272 new "Tablet Games on TV" were added to the Fire TV's appstore. These are existing tablet games that have been made to work with game controllers on the Fire TV. You play these games by moving an on-screen cursor with the joysticks of a game controller. These games are not listed on Amazon's website as being Fire TV games, but if you search for any of them with your Fire TV, they will show up and you'll be able to install them.


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  1. hdmkv says:

    Is it me, or most (if not all) look like crap? Any worth trying out?

  2. JackFrost71 says:

    Not sure it was a good idea to load up the games section with these.

  3. JoeBlack says:

    Dun understand this post? what is the purpose of it ?

  4. Alejandro says:

    the games are not available to download in to my fire tv… they are only available for the devices with the last firmware update?

    • Alejandro says:

      OK, I cant install the games from amazon on my pc, but I can do it searching the game from the fire tv. Thnks.

  5. Sterling says:

    I wonder how long before Nintendo sues Double GoldMiner?

  6. Mark says:

    Amazon can get all those games working and still no Monument Valley? Go find the best of the best and work with those folks on getting their games Fire TV ready.


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