Leelbox HD Antenna for OTA is on sale for $5.99 — Regular price is $27 [Expired]

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The Leelbox HD Antenna is on sale for just $5.99 using promo code SX4YDHW4 at checkout. I’ve never used this brand of antenna, but they seem to have decent enough reviews. If you’ve picked up a Fire TV Recast, which is on sale for $179.99 right now, you probably want to spend a bit more and get a better antenna than this, but this is likely sufficient to see what kind of channels you can get before going with a more expensive antenna. It’ll also serve as a good backup or alternative antenna, if you ever need one. The Leelbox antenna says it offers 60-80 miles of range and it comes with an amplifier to boost weaker signals that might otherwise be just out of range.

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  1. J says:


    Not related, however:

    I received a Software Update on my Fire TV 2nd Gen, on Thanksgiving ( November 22nd ).

    It is: (623530020)

    Amazon has yet to update their site with the change in the US. Their German site is already updated.

    I know that keeping up with Black Friday deals are tough, and this might have gone through the cracks. I know that you are the first to have articles about updates. Anyway, though you should know.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for the heads up! This is why I need to launch a forum, so there’s a place for people to post these kinds of things. (I promise, it’s coming very soon. Already in the works.)

      I’ll get back in the swing of regular (i.e., non-deal) articles tonight or tomorrow.

  2. Yorick Hunt says:

    While it seems this item is no longer available, the code works on this model: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07452G479

  3. Josse says:

    Why can’t I post?

  4. Ernie says:

    Let me try again?

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