Last day for UK customers to get Amazon Prime on sale for £59 [Expired]


Today is the last day for UK residents to sign up for Amazon Prime at the discounted price of £59. At midnight tonight, the price returns to £79. It’s rare for Amazon to discount Prime membership, so now is a good time to join if you’ve been considering it.

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  1. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Thanks for the info! Netflix sent me an email yesteday to say they are increasing my subscription to 9.99 a month from next month so it was the perfect time for Amazon to reduce the price of Prime. I sign up to Prime today for 59 bucks and now it’s working out at only 4.90 a month with 4K streaming, that’s less than half the price of Netflix’s HD option without 4K. Bye bye Netflix, hello Amazon!

  2. Christopher Loughrey says:

    I think they have only reduced the price once before and that was for Prime Day last year to celebrate their anniversary which was also to 59 pounds. I have been holding out for an offer like this to come around again since I missed out on it last year. Hopefully American customers will also get the discount when the new show rolls out across the pond in the coming weeks.

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