How to install the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire TV


The Amazon Appstore is growing everyday, but if it’s offerings are not enough for you, here is how to install the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire TV. Your Fire TV will have to be rooted to install the Google Play Store. You will also need a USB mouse for one of the steps. Once you have the Google Play Store installed, you will be able to download and install apps from the Play Store directly on your Amazon Fire TV. You will even have access to all of your past purchases from the Google Play Store.

First, setup the Xposed Framework…

  1. Download the Xposed Framework APK (Source/Mirror)
  2. Sideload the Xposed Framework onto your Fire TV
  3. Launch “Xposed Installer” on the Fire TV from the Settings > Applications menu
  4. Select “Framework”
  5. Select “OK” to dismiss the popup
  6. Select “Install/Update” to install the framework
  7. Select “Grant” on the SupreSU popup
  8. Select “OK” to reboot


Second, setup the HDXPosed Module…

  1. Download the HDXPosed module (Source/Mirror)
  2. Sideload the HDXPosed module onto your Fire TV
  3. After rebooting, launch “Xposed Installer”
  4. Select “Modules”
  5. With a mouse connected to the Fire TV, check the “HDXPosed” box in the upper right.
  6. Exit to the Fire TV Home screen and reboot the Fire TV by holding both “Select” and “Play” on the Fire TV remote for several seconds


Third, setup the Google Play Store…

  1. Download the four Google APKs from here or here
  2. Sideload all four APKs onto your Fire TV
  3. Launch Google Play Store from the Settings > Applications menu
  4. Select “Existing” to add you Google Account
  5. Enter your Google Account email and password
  6. If you have Google’s 2-factor authentication enabled on your Google Account, you will be taken to a browser window where you will need to login again with your authentication code
  7. Select “Next” on the Backup and restore option screen
  8. Select “Accept” to accept Google’s terms of service
  9. Enjoy the Google Play Store

Since the Google Play Store does not know the Fire TV’s capabilities, it marks most apps as incompatible. We’ve written a guide on how to trick the Google Play Store into thinking the Fire TV is a Nexus 7 tablet so that most apps in the Play Store can be installed on the Fire TV. You can find that guide here.


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71 comments on “How to install the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire TV
  1. Monica Gupta says:

    This is just an awesome guide. Thank you so much for the guide. You are doing excellent job.


    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you’re finding the site useful.

    • Mike says:

      So everything worked like a charm . My only issue is now when I click on the green install for a game the device locks up for about a minute and never installs.

      I do have security on all my other devices when it comes to the store could this be the issue?

  2. Luis says:

    Do I need to have all of them installed all the time? Or can I delete some after?

  3. Trent says:

    I have followed all the instructions outlined here, including making sure that all four Google Play apk’s are installed, but when I attempt to start the Play Store, the screen flashes and returns me to the Settings > Applications menu.

    • Goodhur says:

      I had the same issue. I fixed it by uninstalling the google play store in the applications menu. On my computer I changed the name by only removing the spaces. The reinstalled via ADB. It started no problem after that. Hope this works for you.

      Great job please keep it up!!

      • Trent says:

        Thx…all fixed now.

        • Myles says:

          Had same problem as well, thought it was from using Linux to install apks but just turns out a space in the filename.

          @AFTVNews you may want to change the filenames to all lowercase with no spaces so others dont have this same issue

  4. Ryan says:

    Play Store working but not showing paid apps, only free ones. What can be causing this?

  5. z31fanatic says:

    Thanks for the guide. It worked for me.
    One thing I don’t understand is that I search for the netflix app or amazon apps in the Play store but they aren’t available. Anyone know why?

  6. DR says:

    I’m experiencing the same problem, as described by @Trent and followed the instructions of @Goodhur and still not working, the screen flashes and returns me to the Settings > Applications menu.

    Please advise.

  7. Osc000 says:

    Thank you So much for the guide work perfect .!!

    I just wish one day they will come out with a boot loader unlock so I can removed amz os and install kitKat :-) .!!

  8. tpabeav says:

    I have followed the instructions several times to the details, but I still can not see Google Play in my Applications under Settings. I do see Xposed Installer. Am I missing something?

  9. Gilad says:

    Will this allow me to make in-app purchases?

  10. Chris says:

    Hi, do you need a mouse for this or can you get Google Play by just using the remote? Thanks!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes, you need a mouse for step 5 in the second section (HDXPosed Module setup). There doesn’t seem to be any way to click the little checkbox without a mouse.

  11. Chris says:

    Google Play won’t work, it won’t launch. I am rooted and did all the steps but I can’t get Google to launch.

    • AFTVnews says:

      First try installing the 4 Google APKs again using:
      adb install -r filename.apk

      If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling them and reinstalling them.

  12. Ray says:

    I am too having difficulties with the screen flashing Google Play Store after installing the Google APK files I’ve tried removing all spaces method, placing the “adb install -r FileName” method, resetting and trying again. I have even tried to the sql editor and allow non Google apks. Is there a sure way to do this or is my Fire TV unable?

  13. JD says:

    I’m unable to get llama – location profiles from google play store – it’s one of the perquisites for launching the fire tv into xbmc. It says my device isn’t compatible with this app, same goes for netflix, any ideas?

  14. Richard Sohne says:

    Thanks so much for a wonderfully helpful site!

  15. dev says:

    I’m not sure if the order of install makes a difference but I had luck going: Framework, account manager, services, store. Good luck!

  16. DIzzo says:

    Hi, I cannot seem to get past the Xposed framework install. How long should the install take? Mine has the circle spinning for 15 mins already.

  17. Moe says:

    When I try to side load the 4 apk with the fire tv side loader I keep getting an error that says to many files for apk and verifier files only. Any ideas on how to fix this or what I may be don’t wrong? Thanks

  18. Chris says:

    You don’t need them all, just Google services and the Play app. I just have these two and it works perfectly. But the Play store is VERY limited in the number of apps it has on the Fire TV. 1Mobile is WAY better.

  19. GlammaGeek says:

    Excellent. Thanks for this. Works perfectly. I too had the issue of the Play Store not launching, but took the spaces out of the apk names, then reinstalled and all is fine.

  20. harrisonddo says:

    Do you have a working link for HDXPosed (the link above doesn’t work)? I tried to find one but I’m a n00b on this kind of thing. Thanks.

  21. i0ls says:

    Ill second that dead link for the HDXPosed. I am looking around for another link but I just don’t want to sideload the wrong one and screw anything up. x2 on the n00bness

  22. Yves says:

    Thanks for the instructions… Much appreciated!!!

  23. Balaji says:

    Followed all the steps
    Play store is crashing when launched

  24. Balaji says:

    Followed all the steps
    Play store is crashing when launched
    Can you help?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Be sure Xposed is active (see step 1-4). You can also try renaming the 4 google apks to something simple, like a.apk, b.apk, c.apk, d.apk, and reinstalling all four. Some have found that the spaces in the apk names is causing issues while installing.

      • Balaji says:

        Finally got it working fine now. Thought latest amazon firmware( is causing the problem.
        I just uninstalled the playstore and then reinstalled it. Then it started to work fine. Thanks for the good tutorial.

  25. Paul says:

    How do you sideload modules?

  26. Ryan says:

    I got the xposed installer done but I downloaded the hdexposed file try to sideload it and having no luck.

  27. Pete says:

    I am not getting prompted for two step verification. It just rejects my log in. Any ideas?

    • Pete says:

      Never mind, I found a fix. You just have to generate a specific password for the firetv in your google account settings -> App settings.

      • AFTVnews says:

        Glad you were able to figure out a way around the issue. It’s strange because I personally use 2-step authentication, and mine worked fine when logging into the Play Store on the Fire TV.

  28. Bill says:

    When I download the hdxposed module, it’s a zip file instead of an apk, is that correct?

    If it is, what exactly should I be sideloading for this step…the zip file?

  29. Scott says:

    I tried this on the latest rootable software version – No matter what I do, and I’ve tried everything I can think of, and followed this and similar guides – When I go to log into my Google Account, it immediately states my username and password don’t match. It’s not my password, (though I did try changing it too). Even if you Hit “New” account it immediately fails as well.

    Something is not working anymore. Any ideas?

    • Scott says:

      Finally figured it out. I had 2-Step on my account, and as someone pointed out – apparently you do have to use an app specific password. I just didn’t understand you have to go to Google’s Website on your computer to get that password. Got it to work. Actually I installed a slightly newer version of Play Store, and still works like a charm finally!

  30. Scott says:

    Bill – I renamed it apk.. But yeah that was throwing me off too.

  31. Shon says:

    Brand new box today and everything has gone as advertized except HDXPosed-1.3.apk will not complete the sideload. I am using adbFire v1.04. ADB is running. Device is connected. The progress bar shows full green but I’m waiting for a pop up window to say install is complete. It’s been over 10 minutes.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  32. Jay163 says:

    It installed correctly but just have 1 problem. It says “No Connection” and I don’t know what else to try.

    • Racho says:

      Try to reconnect your device abd it will work. Believe me i spent hours rooting and moding AFTV,and now its open, i cant wait until i install full android platform. Enjoy

  33. jm says:

    I cancel the “sideloading” before the process was finish….. so now I can’t open the Google Play Store….. I already try to re-sideload them…. but it says the files already exist….. any clue???

  34. Ryan says:

    Sorry I have a dumb question. I know the answer but just wanted to confirm.
    What is the use of Google Playstore in fire TV? Can we install the games and other apps from the appstore and be able to use with the Fire TV? Do we need any additional remote to play some games downloaded from appstore?
    Thanks in advance.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The purpose is to have access to apps that are not in the Amazon appstore, but are in the Google Play store.
      This also allows you to install non-free apps you’ve purchased from the Google Play Store on your Fire TV.

  35. Rick says:

    I followed these instructions and installed Market Helper 2.0 (beta), then corrected it to 1.1. I can’t figure out how to make 1.1 work now. Did 2.0 leave something behind? Another question, where can we get the latest apks for google, and would it help?

    • Rick says:

      1.1 works after I unblock and on my router. Does blocking these sites keep other apps from updating (Netflix, YouTube…)? What about disabling updates with “pm disable”

  36. Terry C says:

    Marketplace 2.0 beta worked for me. I was able to install a previously uninstallable NFL Sunday Ticket app.

  37. Joseph says:

    Another great article, thank you. I do have a question though. I did this mod, and this one, , yesterday.

    Now my Fire TV won’t sleep. Wondering if anyone else has seen that with either of these mods?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I have not heard of either mod causing the Fire TV to not sleep. Try force quitting all of your apps from Settings > Applications > Manage.

      The most common cause for the Fire TV not sleeping is a “paused” app still running in the background.

      • Joseph says:

        I wouldn’t think so either. I will check the running apps when I get home. Thanks again for the great site.

        • Joe says:

          FYI just to update, it was the Google Play Store app, it was not closing. I forced closed it and the FT went to sleep after 30 minutes.

          Though, through my testing it appears I might have to do this every time to be sure. I opened the PS app again and waiting 30 minutes and the FT didn’t sleep.

          Force closed the PS app again, 30 minutes later FT went to sleep. Thanks again for the great site.

  38. Rayosx says:

    Is there a way to get the last update from Google Play Store and install it in AFTV?

    I have APK EXtractor installed on my nexus 5, maybe I can extract all files, I just need to know wich files exactly I need to extract.

    Please let me know,

    Also, what is the best approach to have the latest version from xposed installer

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