How to install and setup BusyBox on the Amazon Fire TV

BusyBox is a collection of many common UNIX utilities. I use one of those utilities, md5sum, in several of my guides to test the integrity of critical files before applying them to the Fire TV. Many Fire TV mods require the presence of BusyBox to function correctly, which is why I suggest installing BusyBox on any rooted Fire TV. BusyBox can only be installed on rooted devices. This guide will walk you through the steps of installing and setting up BusyBox, which needs to be redone anytime you install a ROM on your Fire TV.

  1. Download BusyBox by clicking “Generate Download Link” then clicking “Click here to download stericson.busybox now” on this page.
  2. Sideload the downloaded APK to your Fire TV.
  3. Launch BusyBox from the Fire TV’s Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications menu.
  4. Grant Superuser root permissions if prompted.
  5. Press the BACK button on your remote to close any info messages that appear.
  6. Wait for the smart installer to finish “Gathering Information…”
  7. Hold the remote’s DOWN button to scroll down the large list that appears until you reach the Install button. Then press the remote’s SELECT center button to install BusyBox.
  8. When the “installation of BusyBox was successful” message appears, press the remote’s BACK button to close the message and press the remote’s HOME button to exit BusyBox.
  9. You’re done. BusyBox is now installed on your Fire TV. Be aware that you will need to repeat this guide anytime you update your Fire TV’s software. That includes anytime you install a ROM. Updating your Fire TV software will uninstall BusyBox even though the APK remains on the device. You don’t have to re-sideload the APK, but you do have to launch BusyBox and repeat the installation procedure outlined in this guide.


  1. bula1ca says:

    This may be one of the most probably reason why so many people are bricking their boxes.

  2. JIPsy says:

    Thank you, AFTVnews, for the reminder to do this. I just updated to and I completely forgot to reinstall BusyBox. You are the man! Thank you for all the great guides and support!

  3. Scott Howell says:

    I will make sure to do this to be safe, but to note.. I haven’t done this with several upgrades now and upgraded fine. Not saying we shouldn’t.

  4. serjik says:

    hi there, got a question regarding the installation of BusyBox. i have installed it on my aftv, now doing the same thing for a friend of mine. here is the problem im getting in to, follow exact steps however when i launch the application (BusyBox) it switches the whole display from horizontal to vertical. i still can update busybox but why this happens? also i noticed that even the screen saver runs vertically on a half of the screen. weird.
    please advise.

  5. serjik says:

    Forgot to add that tried a couple of times to uninstall it but still same result. as soon as i exit the busybox it switches back to normal horizontal view.

  6. serjik says:

    i think a found the resolution but still cant explain why that happened. i was on, upgraded to and now BusyBox shows normal, vertical as suppose to be. still cant explain why in 1.0.1 it had that strange issue.

  7. wadi says:

    it works, you have a working solution ;)

  8. Don Black says:

    Can busybox be installed on new fire tv 2

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