How to fix the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick if the screen display is zoomed in with an orange box

Quick answer: Press and hold BACK and FAST-FORWARD on your remote for 5 seconds. Long answer:

I just noticed there’s a big increase in people visiting the site looking for answers for why their Fire TV device is zoomed in all of a sudden. Hopefully, they’ll be able to find this post and get a quick fix.

In the latest Fire TV software update, Amazon introduced a new Screen Magnifier to help visually impaired users read small text on their TV. The feature is turned on and off by pressing and hold the BACK and FAST-FORWARD buttons on the remote for 5 seconds. Note that the BACK button is the one to the left of the HOME button.

It seems like a lot of people are accidentally pressing this button combination and are confused why everything on the display is enlarged with an orange border around the screen. If you are having trouble getting the feature to turn off using your remote, you can also turn it off by going to Settings > Accessibility > Screen Magnifier and turning it off there.

You can also press the PLAY and MENU buttons on the remote to zoom back out without turning the feature off entirely.


  1. clocks says:

    I hope they come out with a fix for the issues I’ve been having on a couple of my boxes. No display when turning FTV & TV on until I pull the plug on the FTV and force a reboot. And then less common, the remote doesn’t work until I pull the plug on the FTV to reboot. These have been major issues for me for 1-2 months or more now.

    • Kirk says:

      Just had this happen to me as well today. No screen displayed until I had unplugged from electrical outlet. This happened on a 2nd gen box. I hope amazon fixes this bug.

      • clocks says:

        I used to think it was my tv, but then the same issue started happening on another box, completely different TV brand. I have to pull the plug to reboot my boxes like 5x per week.

      • Charlie says:

        Just a shot in the dark: Sometimes I click on my remote and the FTV indicator light lights up, but no picture or on my FTV1 box I get a little break up the picture. If I just cycle through the HDMI inputs on my TV remote I get the picture and the distortion goes away.

    • Kylara says:

      I have had some remote problems, but I find if I take the batteries out of the remote, wait about 30 seconds, then put them back in, the remote starts working. Worth a a try since it doesn’t take as long as rebooting.

  2. Tech3475 says:

    This shouldnt be confused with incorrect hdmi resolution detection, which has happened to me on occasion which either requires a reboot or try and change the resolution setting.

  3. Amber says:

    Thank you!!!!

  4. Cara says:

    Thank you. I’ve been going insane

  5. Justin says:

    Thank you for the post. Mine did this just as I was ready to binge stranger things and I was freakn. Thanks for the post! the reco saved me.

  6. Scott Howell says:

    Thank you! I’m a long term reader of your site. I love how I googled the issue and this article from your site came right up and saved the day.

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