First time Prime Now shoppers can buy a Fire TV for $74.99 [Expired]


Amazon is currently running a promotion for their new Prime Now website where you can receive $10 off your first Prime Now order. Combining that promo with the current Fire TV sale allows you to buy a new Fire TV for just $74.99. That price matches the lowest price the new Fire TV has ever been. To take advantage of the promotion, simply add a Fire TV to your cart (after entering your zipcode to enter the site) and use promo code 10PRIMENOW at checkout. Note that Amazon automatically adds a delivery tip to your order, which you can adjust or remove entirely.

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  1. Ssjucrono says:

    this is only for 1st time prime now users. if you have used it before you will get an error

  2. Nyqo says:

    Only available to those that are in the prime now areas… crap

  3. natebetween says:

    Unfortunately not available when I search in Long Beach, CA. The stick is available but not the box. :-(

  4. Joe says:

    If you signup for Staples promo emails/text, they will send $25 off $100 promo codes that you can use towards purchase of Fire TV. You may have to place the order over the phone as the promo codes may not work online. I did this recently and the exclusion listed was Amazon Kindle but nothing about Fire TV so the Rep manually add the discount.

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