FCC filing suggests Sonos is working on a new TV sound bar with Alexa voice control

Sonos has just received FCC approval for a new “Home Theater Speaker” that was first spotted by Variety. The upcoming product is described as “a high-performance all-in-one home theater smart speaker,” which suggests it is the successor to the Sonos PLAYBAR. A diagram in the filing shows that the home theater speaker has a microphone, which is a good indication that it will have hands-free Alexa capabilities, like Sonos’ latest smart speaker, the Sonos One. Unlike Sonos’ existing PLAYBAR, which connects through an optical audio port, the new home theater speaker appears to use an HDMI port for its audio connection.

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  1. AJ says:

    Please, please, please support the latest technologies and you can take my money…only 1 hdmi port though, gets me concerned this won’t be the case

  2. Antoni says:

    I hope this really happens. As much as I love my Sonos home theater, I would love to hear dolby digital plus, DTS, and Atmos. Regular dolby digital just doesn’t cut it these days.


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