Exclusive: Fire TV Stick 2 and Alexa on Fire TV in the UK and Germany to be announced this week

Earlier this month I speculated that the 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV Stick abruptly went out of stock in the US because Amazon was sending most units to the UK and Germany in preparation of an upcoming release. I can now say with certainty that Amazon will announce this week that the Fire TV Stick 2 will finally be available outside of the US, specifically in the UK and Germany. Additionally, when the Fire TV Stick 2 arrives in the UK and Germany, it will come with full Alexa capabilities in both countries.

Amazon tends to announce new products on Tuesdays, so the announcement of the Fire TV Stick 2 being made available in the UK and Germany may come as early as tomorrow. While the announcement will come this week, the Fire TV Stick 2 won’t ship in the UK and Germany until April. Preorders for the new device will be available the same day as the announcement.

Fire TV owners in the US have had access to Alexa since October of 2015 when the Fire TV 2 was released. Even though Alexa made its debut in the UK and Germany late last year with the arrival of the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot overseas, Alexa has been notably absent on Fire TV devices in those countries. The Fire TV Stick 2’s arrival in the UK and Germany will finally change that because Alexa will be on that device from day one. Based on past new device releases, I expect all other Fire TV models in the UK and Germany will receive Alexa capabilities through a software update around the same time as the Fire TV Stick 2’s release in April.


  1. Ricky Wilson says:

    For info, you can no longer buy the first gen tv stick on Amazon UK. Surely this must mean an imminent launch.

    Refurbished sticks are now available at £29.99

  2. Markus says:

    Woow, they are really fast (again) relasing ‘the Stick’. It only tooked like 1 year or so..
    I think i’m gonna buy the Xiaomi Android TV box (it has analog Audio Output) wich my TV doesen’t have.. oh yeahh thats also not available in the EU — but maybe untill April it would arive from china if i order it :))

  3. Ninja says:

    So is the Fire TV Stick 2 expected to still cost £34.99?

  4. Ricky Wilson says:

    It is now available to pre-order. Costs £39.99

  5. Ricky Wilson says:

    Released 6th April

  6. Stephan says:

    Stick will arrive in germany at 20.04.2017 for 39,99€.

    You can see on german amazon page

  7. Firestarter fan says:

    Does the new stick have similar power requirements as the previous? Am hoping to carry on using TV USB power.

  8. Jingx says:

    The stick is available on german Amazon for pre-order. 39.99€ and ready to ship on april 20th.

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