Downloader App: Version History


Released: October 30, 2017
APK Download: Fire OS 5 devices, Fire OS 6 & Android TV devices

  • Fixed additional bugs causing download issues on Fire TV 3
  • Temproarily split code so that changes made to address Fire TV 3 compatibility don’t affect other devices. I’ll merge things back together once I’m confident that all Fire TV 3 issues have been fixed.


Released: October 28, 2017
APK Download: All devices

  • Fixed issues that were introduced in v1.1.4 for Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, Fire TV Stick 1, Fire TV Stick 2, and Fire TV Edition televisions.
  • Fire TV 3 devices still have issues with some downloads, such as GitHub links.


Released: October 27, 2017
APK Download: Not Available

  • Temporarily reverted back to v1.1.3 download engine due to issues


Released: August 22, 2017 (Android TV), October 26, 2017 (Fire TV)
APK Download: All devices

  • Added support for Android TV. (No new features.)
  • Fixed issue preventing APKs from installing on Fire TV 3


Released: June 8, 2017
APK Download: Fire OS 5 devices

  • New browser fullscreen mode. (Press menu button twice to enter/exit fullscreen.)
  • New browser Zooming Capabilities. (Use fast-forward and rewind to zoom.)
  • New support for Fire TV Game Controller in browser.
  • Updated “Help” section with info about new browser features.


Released: April 18, 2017
APK Download: Fire OS 5 devices

  • New “Favorites” section to save and easily load websites you visit often.
  • New import favorites via file.
  • New import favorites via URL. (With support for
  • New export favorites to file.
  • New browser menu with quick access to favorites and browser JavaScript option.
  • New German language translation. (Set by Fire TV language setting.)
  • Improved contrast of interface selection highlighting.
  • Changed “Automatically Open Web Pages In Browser” setting to be enabled by default.
  • Updated “Help” section with detailed info about favorites including importing and exporting formats.


Released: February 26, 2017
APK Download: Fire OS 5 devices

  • New built-in Web Browser w/ support for file downloads and Fire TV remote navigation.
  • New “Help” section.
  • New setting to auto-load web pages in browser.
  • New setting to enable/disable JavaScript in browser.
  • Improved file downloading and file handling.
  • Added detection of web pages with prompt to load in browser.
  • Added option to delete downloaded file from download success message for easy cleanup after installing APKs
  • Added option to cancel downloads in progress
  • Changed file download progress message into pop-up window to prevent unaware background downloads.
  • Changed “About” section to “Help” section that is dynamically loaded for easy updating.
  • Changed app icon and graphics orange color to match color inside the app.
  • Updated “Help” section with detailed info about built-in browser navigation and settings.
  • Removed compatibility with all devices except Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks


Released: January 19, 2017
APK Download: Fire OS 5 devices

  • Improved URL handling and file downloading.
  • Added file size indicator to download progress display
  • Added navigation menu.
  • Added “Files” section where downloaded files are listed.
  • Added ability to delete files from “Files” section by pressing the remote’s menu button.
  • Added ability to open/install files from “Files” section by pressing the remote’s select button.
  • Added “Settings” section for app options.
  • Added setting to change where downloaded files are stored.
  • Added setting to enable/disable auto-install of downloaded APKs.
  • Added “About” section with app information and help.
  • Added donation buttons to the app’s “Home” screen. Donations will be used to pay for the development of additional features. Paid development done by Johannes Bramauer (a.k.a. superkoal on XDA)


Released: November 11, 2016
APK Download: Fire OS 5 devices

  • Fire TV compatibility fix


Released: November 11, 2016
APK Download:

  • Initial Release


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