Dolby Atmos content coming to Amazon Prime Video in August on the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV 3

Both the Fire TV Cube and the Fire TV 3 (pendant) have technically support Dolby Atmos surround sound since they were released, but there hasn’t been any Amazon Prime Video content available to take advantage of the capability. That changes next month because the highly anticipated Amazon original series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will be the first to support Dolby Atmos when it premieres on August 31st, according to TechRadar. A Dolby representative confirmed that the series will be available with the new audio format on the two latest Fire TV models, but did not say if Dolby Atmos would be available on other Amazon Prime Video capable devices.


  1. Sam says:

    Per Amazon, the only other device that supports Atmos is the 2nd gen fire TV.

  2. Reflex says:

    The question I have is whether or not it is uncompressed Atmos or not.

    • hdmkv says:

      Most likely compressed DD+.

    • user says:

      I don’t think the Fire TVs can process uncompressed Atmos. Also I don’t think any streaming service even offers that.

      • JustAHTSDude says:

        No streaming device or service provides uncompressed Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos found on services like Netflix and Vudu and others alike have Dolby Atmos with a Dolby Digital Plus core, as opposed to the 4K Blu-ray Dolby Atmos with an uncompressed Dolby TrueHD core. Vudu’s Dolby Atmos compression, however, is much better than Netflix and most other streaming services in my personal experiences.

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