Buy $45 Amazon Gift Cards and get $10 Promo Credit FREE [Expired]


As part of Prime Day, Amazon is running a promotion where you will receive $10 in Amazon promotional credit when you purchase a 3-pack of $15 Amazon Gift Cards at face value. Simply add the gift card pack to your cart and enter promo code PRIMEGCS during checkout. After your gift cards ship, you’ll receive an email with your free $10 credit.

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  1. 1000milshiveringfurryholes says:

    Is this stackable? Can I order this more than once? I bought it once and when I added it a 2nd time the card read “Prime Day promotion has been applied. After your order has shipped you will receive a $10 promotional credit…” once again.

    I wonder if you could keep stacking these? Using the store card (5% back) this could add up to a lot of savings.

  2. clocks says:

    I get an error when I click the coupon on this deal.

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